Friday, 6 July 2012

Going back to Blonde!

Here are some reasons girls dye their hair:
- You got dumped by your boyfriend then he started going out with your best friend.
- You're best friend called you fat/mean/bitchy/slutty/fridgit
- You failed University
- Your Mum gets laid more than you do
- You saw a photo of Alexa Chung
- You saw your ex-boyfriend making out with a random girl at the bar and she had cooler hair than you

I think I dyed my hair because of all of the above and some even more stupid reasons on top of that.
First up it was a disaster, I went to a small salon in the even smaller suburb I live in. After 3 hours and 54654168764million foils I walked out looking like I was straight outta of an apprentace hairdressers hair expo '93 exhibit. There was every different coloured foil in my hair brown, dark dark brown, white blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde and none of it blended. It was a zebra of miss-matched foils. So I went back the next morning in tears after digesting it in a variety of different lights trying to tell myself it would calm down and it was cool 'I can start a trend', it wasn't - in the end I asked for a redish brown semi to be put through it. That was 5 weeks ago, now because I am naturally an ash blonde (I think?!?) I have hideous blonde roots, so I am back blonde.

Needing a new hairdresser STAT my friend Fleur recommended her hairdresser Jaye. He was so lovely as soon as I arrived at the salson and gave me all the warnings 'you know you are going to destroy your hair' etc but he was really excited about what I had asked to be done to my hair and so was I. I knew that I wanted to be blonde….REALLY BLONDE. My inspirations were Elle and Dakota Fanning on the cover of W magazine and Kaleesi from Game of Thrones. So we embarked in a 6 hour bleach marathon, at times I did want to scratch my scalp off and I also did become a little delirious with the peroxide fumes but Jaye was really great and talked me through every step and while he was doing it.(This is my favourite thing - I didn't feel like an experiment) He also hacked off a good 2 inches which I was cool with - hey hey blunt bob. My scalp and ears are still a little sore and tight from the bleach and I think I want to next time have a more golden toner put through at my next appointment in 6 weeks - but other than that I am thrilled to bits with my new hair. 

Jaye Edwards - Torquil Murray
Level 1 255 Riley St Surry Hills, Sydney.
9212 7516

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