Monday, 16 July 2012

A foundation guide for ALL skin types.

There is a misconception by women that foundation is a product which is very masking or too heavy for their skin. At the moment there are so many different types of foundation available from very sheer to complete full coverage so something for everyone. Here are some tips on finding the right foundation for you:

- When buying a high end or expensive foundation ask for samples of two colours you think are the closest to your skin tone and test them over a couple of days and in different lights. I have been mismatched by cosmetics counter babes too many times and I have put it down to the horrific un-natural lighting in department stores OR if you don't have the time to the foundations at home, ask for an application of 2 shades one on either side of your face and then go outside and check which you like best in natural light.

- If you are expecting to be photographed (i.e your just very popular or its your wedding day) steer clear of foundations with SPF's as they can cast white on the skin and reflect the flash in a weird way

-Expensive or very cheap it doesn't matter if it matches your skin, if it does what you need it to do then its a good foundation for you.

-Change your foundation seasonally, in Summer use a light coverage with high SPF and in Winter use a hydrating foundation. You also maybe 2 different colours a couple of shade difference between Summer and Winter depending on if you tan or not.

-Choose a foundation based on your skin type not on what you want your skin to look like, everyone want perfect skin duh:
Combination Skin: Medium coverage light reflecting illuminating foundation 
Oily Skin: Oil free Medium coverage foundation and a mattifying finish
Dry Skin: A hydrating foundation with a light coverage and illuminating properties and a dewy finish
Acne Prone Skin: Water based oil free fragrance free foundation all over and then a full coverage on problem areas
Aged Skin: Medium coverage which is hydrating without giving a shiny finish
Young/Teen Skin: Sheer tint to let the natural qualities show through the foundation

If you want a dewy glow to your skin and a sheer amount of coverage a tinted moisturizer is probably your best product pick. Tinted moisturizers are not buidable because they soak into the skin and hydrate, if you want more coverage in certain areas then do a little spot concealing and finish with a setting powder.
Slightly even out skin tone
2-3 hours, longer if you powder definitely not a full day                                            

Somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a traditional foundation are water based foundations. They give a light amount of coverage and are buildbale, if you want a long wear time out of these foundations make sure to use a primer and a powder on top. If you have blemish prone skin a water based foundation (or an oil free) is great for you just also make sure it is fragrance free.
Evens out skin tones and redness, slight imperfections and pore appearance
3-6 Hours with Powder, longer if your skin isn't oily.
3. Nars Sheer Glow $68.00
4. Mac Face and Body $60.00
These are traditional foundations, most chemist brands fall into this category. Rich in constancy and formulated to give you all over coverage. If don't wear powder and want foundation which is slightly matte in appearance these guys are for you. Buildable but formulated as a one stop shop for a base, fuss free. 
Dark Circles, slight pigmentation, blemishes, redness, slight scaring, freckles, sun spots
5-9 Hours only powder if you have very oily skin otherwise it can look cakey
1. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer $78.00
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix & Healthy Mix Serum $29.00
3. Rimmel Wake Me Up $19.95
4. Lancome Teint Miracle $68.00
If you want to look like an extra on The Only Way is Essex or If you have acne scaring of very contrasting pigmentation and want to cover it up completely then try a full coverage foundation on effected areas then blend it out with a medium coverage to the areas not effected. Full coverage foundations can be quite thick and need to be blended into the skin really well to give a natural appearance.
Pigmentation, scaring, blemishes, pores, redness, rosacea, acne bumps, freckles, birth marks, sun spots
6-9 hours, just be careful if you do have acne that oil doesn't break through.    
3. Revlon ColourStay $26.70

*Please note all prices are in Australian dollars at recommended retail prices.

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