Monday, 22 July 2013

EVE LOM : Kiss Mix Créme Pour Les Lévres

Eve Lom's Kiss Mix $30.00 available from

This is one of those products that when taken out of your bag in front of friends gets some kind of intrigue...'Kiss Mix?' 'What's that?' 'Who have you been making out with?' etc...
It is a very cute and delicate pot of the most minty fresh lip balm you will ever try, it tingles on the lips and has a very slight peppermint smell. The tingle makes me feel like it is doing something, maybe it's the Zinc Oxide which acts as a natural sunscreen protecting lips from UV rays.
My favourite thing about Kiss Mix is the beautiful iridescent shimmer which gives your lips a very pretty sheen, especially on your cupids bow. I have been applying it under lipsticks to sheer them down  to a glossy tint or wearing it on its own day to day.
Posh lip balms are becoming a very popular staple in my makeup bag at the moment with By Terry's Baume de Rose and Dior's Créme de Rose on my shopping wish list when my beloved Kiss Mix runs out.

xxx Nella

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  1. I love anything Eve Lom and this looks like another goodie! Kiss Kiss:) Shimmery lip balms can be so flattering too x

    PS - have a great day lovely! xxx

  2. Ingrid have you tried the hot cloth cleanser from Eve Lom? You would love it! I love a little bit of shimmer, its so cute. xxx


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