Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Techno Beauty : Sites and Apps

If you are a total beauty obsessed nerd then you would know that makeup and beauty does not stop at your bathroom cabinate and mirror. Brands are making online and now apps interactive for you to get your beauty buzz without having to step foot in a department store.

Here are my favorites for you to add to your bookmarks:

Chanel - Chanel Makeup - Chanel YouTube

Chanel's YouTube chanel is adictive viewing indeed with tutorials from the phenomenal Lisa Eldridge who makes applying a Chanel eye shadow quad look as easy as pie, the cutest animations using products and heaps of interviews with Karl's IT girls. This will only make you lust longingly after the luxury houses beauiful products even more.


OPI - OPI Site - OPI App
The OPI site has a bounty of information about the brand - anything you could ever want to know about nails or OPI is on here. There is also a blog by Suzi who is a real nail nut -  she should really come to Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous. Then there is the OPI App which is really the best time waster ever, it allows you to pick your skintone and then apply a colour! Procrastinate on this when you are on your way to the salon next to get your nails done.

Yves Saint Laurent - Yves Saint Laurent Site - Yves Saint Laurent App
Yves Saint Laurent or is it now Saint Laurent? Are killing it on the app front for reals, they have made makeup so much fun on your iphone. Look here I am using the ColorMirror app, which lets you apply YSL products to a models face and upload a photo to test products on yourself - warning this comparison makes you want to buy more makeup and is a total self esteem buster.

Lancome - Lancome Site - Lancome YouTube

Lancome was the first brand to recognise the online YouTube beauty community by naming Michelle Pham an ambassador for the brand. How cool is that! They upload very regular tutorials for new products which is a great way to translate products which at first may seem quite intimidating to use.

Monday, 30 July 2012

What's in my bag? Everyday edition

Ever wondered why girls bags are so heavy? It's because this is what I lug about everyday without even batting an eyelid. 9 Lip products?!?!? When I am about to leave the house I just shove more and more lip things in my bag without taking the others out. Clockwise from bottom left:


Germaphobe much? Not really I am just very clumsy and these are good if you spill anything on your clothes this will help to stop it from staining.

Very hydrating with a plum tint, it smells pretty good too.

How gross/great is this leopard print packaging! I am obsessed with how it smells like old ladies too. I bought this because I was sick of buying expensive powders only to open my makeup case to find everything covered in smashed up shattered powder.

Surprisingly a quite good brush for on the go!

I am taking this out of my bag now.....fearful of it smashing.

Yes.....I finally gave in and got the Coral in Love shade. Worth the hype, its a super pretty poppy coral colour.

Fuchsia satin finish lipstick, super posh David Jones mum packaging. It's fun to whip this out in a bathroom - you get lots of inquisitive looks from other ladies reapplying with boring lipstick.

This is a clear shimmer which looks great over red lipsticks, I don't know why this is in my bag. Its probably been left stray from a night out. Also if you want glossy shimmer eyelids a'la the Tom Ford campaign with Lara Stone, dab this over some bronze eyeshadow and smudge into the lash line. 

Holy grail under eye concealer, nothing else works for me. This is perfect and corrects under eye circles without cake-ing and creasing in wrinkles - Not that I have any wrinkles.

Matte Nude colour, maybe I was having a 90's moment sometimes this week. This on its own makes me look sick in a bad way, but its ok with a gloss over the top.

This is a sunkissed bronzer, great for a quick all over healthy glow. Its a bit too orange for contouring.

I could smell this all day everyday, I wish there was a candle of this scent. It smells like childhood memories of brand new Polly Pockets or plastic toys. 

A little tube of security, everything is right in the world when this is by your side. It can fix anything.....well maybe just chapped lips, cuticles and dry skin! But that's almost everything.

Comme Des Garcon Coin Purse

Mini Medical Kit
Cotton buds, Tampon, Hair bands, bobby pins, mini nail file, bandaids, foundation sample, panadine forté, naprogesic, midol, pepto bismol. Always be prepared!

This is my favorite nudey peach everyday lipstick, its perfect and I love it. Subtle and cute.

A new purchase last week, it is so great and already a permanent handbag lipgloss. Such a pretty coral shade with hint peach with no shimmer.

Ultimate lipgloss and stain in one! This I had with me the other day when I wanted a pink stain but not a heavy lipstick look.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Revlon Mini's

Never in my life have I every actually ever finished a bottle of nail polish, they always dry out before I get to the bottom. That's why mini sizes are great, lets face it mini sizing of any item is better than full size, cuter and more economical. This set of mini's I picked up on offer at the discount chemist for $7.95 - total score. 
Very excited about 'Moss' initially which is a kind of murky army green, it looks like a cool girl colour. But I could only stand it on one nail. 'Tulip' is the star, its a blue based pink and is going to look great with a blue glitter top coat. 'Butterfly' is a standard orange, which I needed desperately because I am going to start wearing my Netherlands jersey very soon and going Olympics crazy.
OPI usually do mini sets too with each of the collections also and L'oreal have just launched mini nail polishes too! Mini Madness!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Luxe Beauty VS Budget Beauty

These are basically the same thing, I love both. A clear silicone primer which prevents eyelid from becoming slippery and shadow moving about during the day. Maybe if you wore Snooki amounts of eye shadow daily then you could be really picky with your primer but if you are just wanting your shadow to stay put all day then its a tie in the race between NYX and NARS primers.

There are very obvious differences in these products - not just the price. By Terry Baume de Rose contains SPF 15! Which if you have ever had burnt lips you know it is very important - even in cold climates. This is great for if you are near snow or water where sunlight is reflecting onto your skin making it a lot more prone to burning. Both are multi purpose products which can be used on cuticles, dry patches, eyes and lips. By Terry Baume de Rose is a clear winner in the lip balm race BUT my soft nostalgic spot for Lucas Paw Paw Ointment will always remain - my handbag feels empty without it.

The intensity of these shadows blows my mind! They can build up very easily to the same look as in the pan on your eyes and they blend out and soften into you crease with only a few brush strokes. L'oreal colour infailible shadows are great if you are want a basic high impact shadow which look great on there own BUT if you want some amazing colours like SUPER AMAZING DUO CHROME COLOURS then Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill is your shadow. For me I love both and its a total tie. 

Both of these foundations give the same amount of coverage, apply very similarly, smell kind of the same hmmmmmm very fishy. They are light coverage foundations which are perfect for 'no makeup makeup' but there is one big difference: wear time. Chanel Vitalumere Aqua based and so if you have oily skin this is going to last about 10mins BUT Bourjois has a slightly longer wear time as it sets slightly matte on the skin. So for me Chanel Vitalumere Aqua is great for summer and Bourjois Healthy Mix is great for winter and the winner would be if there was an imaginary foundation which was a blend of the two?!?!? Does anyone know what the hell I mean and can you recommend me a foundation resembling something of that description?

Ok so I am just putting it out there from the start Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner wins hands down! It doesn't dry out in the pot, lasts all day and the black is very jet black with no streaking.

The classic red lippy contest! Ohhhh Ahhhhhh!
Texture, Colour pay off and application is what I judged these two lipsticks on.
Texture - I have to give it to Revlon this is a very creamy matte shade and feels really creamy on your lips.
Colour - Giorgio Armani is so pigmented, the red is luminous on your lips.
Application - Its a tie! Oh no.......You will just have to buy both!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eye Liner

I have steered clear of liner for a while, freaked out I might cry and it will run down my face and also worried it made my eyes looked smaller. Applying the liner as a base for shadow close to the lash line  and tight lining (upper waterline) keeps eyes looking open rather than the traditional 90's Kohl waterline look which narrows the eyes. Cover Girl's Liquiline Blast is so creamy in texture, never have I found an eyeliner which blends so well even with fingers if you are stuck without a brush. So far I have picked up the Brown Blaze and Black Fire shades, and it is jet black, the blackest black.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Smooth Down

Just because we are in the depths of winter, well a really lame attempt at winter - last week I was laying out like a sun bear - Ladies, sisters, babes, girlfriends, chikas we must not forget about our legs! Tucked away in 70 denier tights and hopefully wrapped around your lover in bed and not in track pants during these colder months let me talk you through maintaining silky pins like a goddess.

Lets start in the shower you need to get rid of any dead skin or dry patches by exfoliating like a crazy person. Use a granulated scrub I like Lush's Rub Rub Rub $19.95 if you are using a scrub on its own go in circular motions with your leg out of the shower spray when you are applying it. If using a scrub on its own isn't intense enough for you - up the ante with an exfoliating towel like BodyShop's Exfoliating towel $5.00 place about a cherry tomato sized blob of scub in the towel and go mental, the whole way up to your butt! You should be rubbing very vigorously, this is not a half hearted activity!

Just because you aren't sassing it up in a skirt which is the size of a tea towel like you were in summer, doesnt mean your legs should look like John Travolta's chest! Soap is not sufficiant as a shaving lube, it will only make them even dryer and reptile like. Try using a shaving oil L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil $36.00 your razor will glide along your leg and you skin will soak up the excess oil. I shudder at the thought of those flimsy disposible razors, they just make me think of Winona Ryder in Girl Interupted. I have been using Gilette Venus $12.70 Razors since I first started shaving my legs (year 7 for netball) they have never given me any knicks or cuts just silky smooth steams.

This is a french thing, lets face it those french girls are beautiful and know whats going on in the hot-vibe-getting-boyfriend-stakes. This activity takes place out of the shower when you are dry (not weird at all promise!) basically the brushing increases circulation to the area which apparently will reduce cellulite and brushing towards the heart promotes health blood flow. If something can reduce cellulite and its not liposuction I will try it! Manicare Cellulite Bristle Brush $13.99.

I am very fussy about moisturizers, smell especially. Sometimes you can put a moisturizer on in the morning and then by mid afternoon long after your perfume as warn off you feel sufficated in the stench of pommegrant and coconut from your moisturizer. St Ives Body Lotion $8.50 this is a huge pump pack and isn't something I am normally drawn too but this stuff rules, its got silicone in it so it makes your legs feel super smooth, it is my go to date moisturizer if you think you are going to get hot and heavy in a make-out sesh use this prior trust me! Korres Body Milk Vanilla and Cinnamon $28.95 - and only Vanilla and Cinnamon. This is my at home pamper moisturizer it smells damn good like a really expensive chai latte that you want to pour on your legs, if I want to get all home spa I use the matching shower gel too. Nutrogena Body Oil $35.00 if you do dare to bare during winter then you best oil up because unless you are addicted to spray tanning then you are going to be really ghosty!

Whoop! Naomi! Best pins in the biz - Suck it up Tyra!

Monday, 23 July 2012


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Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil - Blonde

Thank you Maybelline, finally a widely available lower end brand is offering a BLONDE eyebrow pencil. Usually the spectrum of colours ends at Light Brown and the fairer sisters are just meant to deal with it. The Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil is a blonde shade it doesnt lean ashy or golden, so it would match most blondes.
The formula is very waxy, when first applying it I did have to warm it up otherwise it would have pulled my eyebrow hairs out. The finish has a sheen too it so I did not need to use my brow gel to finish, sadly it didn't last all day maybe I was really stressed out and did lots of forehead rubbing a lot. 
I think I will continue my regular brow routine of powdering them in, but it this pencil is perfect for my makeup bag for touch ups.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Revlon Whimsical

Blue and Pink or Boys and Girls is one of my favorite colour combos. Its sickeningly sweet and cheesy  -  but that's my style sometimes. The big baller in this combo is Revlon's Whimsical, a baby blue jelly base with large pink and blue hexagonal glitter as well as smaller iridescent spray glitter pieces. To apply Whimsical on its own it would take 6 or so coats to achieve the opacity it looks in the bottle.
If you applied Whimsical over a lighter base the blue jelly base would show up a little more I suppose. Maybe I am just not good with subtlety? Its just that with all the amazingly dense glitter polishes on the market now Whimsical feels a like the puney kid that gets picked last for the basketball team. Step your game up Revlon!

DIY : Cucumber Eye Pads

Sundays are my at home beauty night, please dont pop over for a cup of tea because you will find me when a face mask on with my hair wrapped up in glad wrap doing an intense hair treatment.
There cucumber pads are quick DIY remedy for puffy eyes:

1. Roughly peel and chop 2 fresh cucumbers

2. Blend cucumbers into a watery pulp, add a teaspoon of your favorite cleansing water. This makes the mixture smell lovely.

3. Soak some cotton pads in the cucumber mixture -  N.B count out your pads before you soak them so you are doing an even number....because you have ummmmm 2 eyes. DUH!

4. When your cotton pads are soaked through, hold above and let any excess fall off. Then place cucumber soak pads flat, not over lapping in a small sandwich bag - 2 per bag.

5. Place your incredibly weird looking cucumber eye pads into the freezer. When you need to use them, take them out of the sandwich bag and let sit for a minute or two so they aren't 'too cold'. 

* Also please let anyone you live with what the weird bags of gooey green things are in your freezer.

Natural benefits of cucumbers for your eyes is totally mind blowing, Cucumbers reduces the appearance of dark circles! You heard me right, its the natural antioxidants and silica within cucumbers which helps reduce those bloody dark circles.

Bit of a booze hound? Need a little help with puffy eyes? Cucumbers reduce swelling because of the high amounts of ascorbic acids contained in them.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Beauté Gazette's Nail Salon Hit List!

For some girls yoga and mediation is how they escape the madness of this crazy world, for me there is nothing more zen than a massage chair and a disco light foot spa. So what makes a good nail salon?
The salon of your choice needs to understand sometimes you just need a power Mani Pedi, a real quickie in and out. When you say 'just file and polish' they get it and you can be in the UV drying station within 15mins of walking in the door. But sometimes you have all the time in the world, you want to sit and soak your feet in that disco foot spa for at least 20mins before a cuticle clipper has even come close to your toes, and if you would prefer to sit in the massage chair and air dry your fresh nails whilst reading 3 issues of Famous Magazine - they should be cool with that too.
This is the way you can really determine the good salons from the bad. Top coats, they need to be thick, super shiny, dry fast and extend the life span of your Mani Pedi. Chipping within the first 2 days is intolerable.
This would matter to a rookie, but as an experienced Mani Pedi patron I prefer to bring my own colours. 
The last thing you want to watch whilst getting your nails did is anything current affairs related - no news or real world issues. There should be a good rom-com on or a live in concert dvd playing. My absolute favorite is The Beyonce Experience and a close second is Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas.
I like a cosy salon, anymore than 4 massage chairs and its not for me. The bigger the salon the less personal service, I like to ask the nail salon girls about stuff through my Mani Pedi and when it's a smaller space it feels ok to do that.


Avalon Beauty and Nails Avalon Pde 
Mani Pedi $42.00
This places is always empty which means you get the full service no skimping on the leg exfoliation or massage. They have the Celine Dion DVD on repeat and are always up for a good chat.

Manhattan Nails - 147 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge
Mani Pedi $40.00
Tucked out of the way this is a nail salon gem, these girls know there stuff! Best buff and shape I have ever had, my nails are naturally quite short and weak and have been described as 'baby nail' by some nail girls. Leaving Manhattan my nails looked longer and the top coat was so thick it almost felt like I was wearing acrylics.

Professionail - North Sydney Greenwood Plaza North Sydney
Mani Pedi $42.00
Just a tip, do not attempt this place on a weekday after work its packed with all those MX reading North Sydney corporate babes. Professional is clean and they always have the newest glossy mags to read, no New Idea from October 2008.

Lily's Nails 450 - Cleveland St Surry Hills
Mani Pedi $45.00
Lily is a total babe, yells at you if you haven't been in to see her for a while and tusks at the state of your cuticles. I love that. If you are after a natural set of gel acrylics then go to Lily, she understands that stuff. 

Green Door - Nails and Waxing 4A-4B 75 Oxford St Bondi Junction
Mani Pedi $35.00
So I'm going to admit that I totally got suckered in by the price $35.00 are you serious!!!!!! Then I got to know the nail girls there and they played the Beyonce Live Experience for me every time I went in and even gave me mentos one time. If Elle Woods was a real person and lived in the Eastern Suburbs she would find her Paulette at Green Door. They also have the sturdiest disposable thongs ever.

Cleopatra Body and Nails - Galleries Victoria, George St Sydney
Mani Pedi $45.00
This is a total Kardashian style nail salon, its got chandeliers and black high gloss laminate everywhere. The best thing about Cleopatra's is it is open the latest out of all the city nail salons 9.30pm, if you go for after work drinks in the city and bump into your ex and need to find peace somewhere Cleopatra's will be open. Also they have all of Reese Witherspoon's back catalogue on DVD.

Adore Beauty - Sussex Center, Chinatown
Mani Pedi $55.00
The secrets out Lindsay at Adore is my nail art mentor, you can show her any design and she can copy it and make it better than the original. The Mani Pedi treatment here is really full on and intense, it involves some kind of foot masque and then your feet and legs get wrapped in glad wrap. If you don't have time for that than a $10 Mini Mani is great option shape, buff and polish for the girl on the go.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Opening Ceremony X Adidas Collaboration

Last night I was lucky enough to trot along to the Opening Ceremony X Adidas collaboration launch held at the Adidas Originals Store, Pitt St Westfield. I got there early to make sure I had a good look at everything before it got too crowded, quickly I decided that I 100% needed the pink jelly sandals in my life. The campaign features Xiao Wen Ju and Camille Row wearing poppy bright pastel cream eye shadows it is adorably cool to say the least. In the campaign images the application of the bright cream shadow is taken right up to the crease of the models eyes and complimented with a very natural complexion. If you want to try this look in for real life try a coloured liquid eyeliner on your upper lash line with a slight wing or cat eye, stick to wearable complimentary tones of purples, greens and blues.

Opening Ceremony X Adidas Sandals $120.00 available exclusively at the Adidas Originals Pitt St Westfeild store.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blondes on Film

Sissy Spacek 'CARRIE' 1979
I am guessing that this was Sissy's natural hair colour in Carrie, she is pushing the outter spectrum on the blonde-sphere and verging on ginger but I am definately pulling more strawberry blonde. Her hair has the most beautiful natural highlights and the tone complimenting her sweet freckles. It is styled mostly straight (sometimes bloody) through the movie but in the prom scene she has had the ends set in rollers to give a drop curl effect.
'Breasts, Mama. They’re called breasts, and every woman has them' - Carrie

Alicia Silverstone 'CLUELESS' 1995
BABE ALERT! My be all and end all inspiration in life...I give you...CHER HOROWITZ. She proves all you need is a half a head of well blended ash blonde highlights and you can go from a mousey brown to a sun goddess valley girl. The girl also took hair accessories to a whole-nother level, Alice bands for a preppy casual and side pinning parts for evening date looks. She was way ahead of her time.
'So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so.' - Cher Horowitz

Daryl Hannah 'SPLASH' 1984
This was one of the first ever movies I saw as a very young and impressionable child and my thought process was something along the lines of 'when I grow up I really want to look like Madison in Splash' and I did a great job at growing my nautrally white blonde locks half way down my dack until about year one when my mum chopped it all off because there was a plague of nits at school. But lets get back to Daryl, her waist length signature 'nordic' blonde treases are incredible! The styling is hilarious a loose crimp which would have been done with braids or those foam curlering noodles that were way big in the Physie-Culture scene of the late 80s. 

Michelle Pfeiffer 'SCARFACE' 1983
The frosted ice blonde highlights in Michelle Pfeiffer's hair in Scarface took coke glamour to a brutly high freqnecy. She was all glamour power bob and no one fucked with her, I think it was because of her serverly perfect rolled in ends. They would have taken a shitload of time to blowdry and anyone that dedicated to a style means business.
Vidal Sassoon Big Hair Styler $78.95 Loreal Elnett Very Sexy Volume $8.90
'Even if I were blind, starved and begging for it on a desert island you'd be the last thing I'd ever fuck' - Elvira Hancock 

Kirsten Dunst 'MARIE ANTOINENETTE' 2006
My second favorite new wave hollywood blonde (The Fanning sisters are first!) Kirsten Dunst has great hair in general all cool girl styles. She is naturally dark blonde I'm assuming and has coloured it with a base and varying width white blonde high lights. What I really like about her hair in Marie Antoinette is that she has very visible darker roots, it gives the lighter hight lights of blonde in her hair depth and texture. The later in the film she goes hair party mental, then a pink tinge - which was actually historically popular in the time of Marie Antoinettes reign as the Dauphine of France 1770-1774 (not cool girl Coppola time), dyes were made of berries and tea.
Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo $10.99 Kevin Murphy Color Bug ' Pink' $24.95
'I have enough diamonds' - Marie Antoinette

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tom Ford Blush 'Love Lust'

Tom Ford Blush 'Love Lust' $85.00 available at David Jones
There is pretty makeup packaging and then there is DIVINE makeup packaging. Tom Ford products fall into the divine category. This is my first Tom Ford purchase and I have to say I did feel a little bit like the Queen of Sheba when I opened up the little rich brown box to pull out a little rich brown suede pouch. It looked smelled and radiated posh-out-babe-I'm-expensive, I ohhhh'ed and ahhhh'ed at the magnetic closure and tried my hardest not too get finger prints on it.
Originally I wanted 'Flush' but when swatching the colours at the Tom Ford counter 'Love Lust' was the colour which in reality was a better match for my skintone. Shout out to Joel at the Tom Ford counter in the Elizabeth St David Jones for helping me make my choice. He was a total honeychild, we talked about our love of knitting and if I was Kim Kardashian with Kanye West's credit card I would have just bought one of everything......but I'm not. 
'Love Lust' in the pan looks a deep pink based coral with quite obvious gold shimmer particles. Transferred to the cheek the shimmer is less obvious and breaks down into a sheen which is very beautiful when it catches the light. 'Love Lust' in standard light it gives you a rosey flush but in the sunlight or when you move the gold tones really shine working as a highlighter. Because of this I applied it higher up on my cheekbones rather than on the apples of my cheeks - shimmery blush does not belong on the apples. The wear time is phenomenal, all day no need to re-apply.
If you like Nars 'Orgasm' or 'Deep Throat' you will love Tom Ford's 'Love Lust', if this blush existed in the 80's then Boy George would have used it as an eye shadow and Michelle Phiffer would have used to chisel 'those' cheekbones in Scar Face.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Film featuring Betty Boop & Daria Werbowy

Lancome has just released the new edition of the Hypnose Mascara range 'Star' and it looks stunning. The tone is described as 'Black Diamond' with shimmery particles which coat the lashes with glamourous intensity! I cannot wait to try it, and the ad with Betty and Daria it is absolutely the cutest mascara ad ever.
Cartoon and Make up colabs have been popular lately - the Minnie Mouse for OPI collection only just launched also. It should make it to Australia within the month

A foundation guide for ALL skin types.

There is a misconception by women that foundation is a product which is very masking or too heavy for their skin. At the moment there are so many different types of foundation available from very sheer to complete full coverage so something for everyone. Here are some tips on finding the right foundation for you:

- When buying a high end or expensive foundation ask for samples of two colours you think are the closest to your skin tone and test them over a couple of days and in different lights. I have been mismatched by cosmetics counter babes too many times and I have put it down to the horrific un-natural lighting in department stores OR if you don't have the time to the foundations at home, ask for an application of 2 shades one on either side of your face and then go outside and check which you like best in natural light.

- If you are expecting to be photographed (i.e your just very popular or its your wedding day) steer clear of foundations with SPF's as they can cast white on the skin and reflect the flash in a weird way

-Expensive or very cheap it doesn't matter if it matches your skin, if it does what you need it to do then its a good foundation for you.

-Change your foundation seasonally, in Summer use a light coverage with high SPF and in Winter use a hydrating foundation. You also maybe 2 different colours a couple of shade difference between Summer and Winter depending on if you tan or not.

-Choose a foundation based on your skin type not on what you want your skin to look like, everyone want perfect skin duh:
Combination Skin: Medium coverage light reflecting illuminating foundation 
Oily Skin: Oil free Medium coverage foundation and a mattifying finish
Dry Skin: A hydrating foundation with a light coverage and illuminating properties and a dewy finish
Acne Prone Skin: Water based oil free fragrance free foundation all over and then a full coverage on problem areas
Aged Skin: Medium coverage which is hydrating without giving a shiny finish
Young/Teen Skin: Sheer tint to let the natural qualities show through the foundation

If you want a dewy glow to your skin and a sheer amount of coverage a tinted moisturizer is probably your best product pick. Tinted moisturizers are not buidable because they soak into the skin and hydrate, if you want more coverage in certain areas then do a little spot concealing and finish with a setting powder.
Slightly even out skin tone
2-3 hours, longer if you powder definitely not a full day                                            

Somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a traditional foundation are water based foundations. They give a light amount of coverage and are buildbale, if you want a long wear time out of these foundations make sure to use a primer and a powder on top. If you have blemish prone skin a water based foundation (or an oil free) is great for you just also make sure it is fragrance free.
Evens out skin tones and redness, slight imperfections and pore appearance
3-6 Hours with Powder, longer if your skin isn't oily.
3. Nars Sheer Glow $68.00
4. Mac Face and Body $60.00
These are traditional foundations, most chemist brands fall into this category. Rich in constancy and formulated to give you all over coverage. If don't wear powder and want foundation which is slightly matte in appearance these guys are for you. Buildable but formulated as a one stop shop for a base, fuss free. 
Dark Circles, slight pigmentation, blemishes, redness, slight scaring, freckles, sun spots
5-9 Hours only powder if you have very oily skin otherwise it can look cakey
1. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer $78.00
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix & Healthy Mix Serum $29.00
3. Rimmel Wake Me Up $19.95
4. Lancome Teint Miracle $68.00
If you want to look like an extra on The Only Way is Essex or If you have acne scaring of very contrasting pigmentation and want to cover it up completely then try a full coverage foundation on effected areas then blend it out with a medium coverage to the areas not effected. Full coverage foundations can be quite thick and need to be blended into the skin really well to give a natural appearance.
Pigmentation, scaring, blemishes, pores, redness, rosacea, acne bumps, freckles, birth marks, sun spots
6-9 hours, just be careful if you do have acne that oil doesn't break through.    
3. Revlon ColourStay $26.70

*Please note all prices are in Australian dollars at recommended retail prices.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Bright Tips

Contrast or bright tips are a nail trend which I have been desperate to perfect for a while, trying over and over again to do the tip using the brush directly from the bottle. It looked horrendous! WHAT A MESS! Then I picked up a few fine point paint brushes from the bargin store and since then my bright tips have been effortlessly neat and sassy!

-Apply your base coat a nude or lighter colour is best
-Map out your tip with a small about of polish on the paint brush
-Then go back in with a thicker application of polish

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hair Party!

Khloe Kardashian is really having a hair party this season on Keeping up with the Kardashians, one scene she has a necklace pinned into her scalp the next she has stuck some gold stickers on her forehead - but no one says a thing like its totally normal. I am so konfused!
Like Khloe I am having a hair party or more like a 4 day non stop hair rave! If there is something I can pin/tie/clip/strap to my head then I am so into it. Subtle for day or super fancy for night, let me guide you through the guest list to my hair party:

1. Loose falling out bun with a black ribbon
This is mainly for day or this is sometimes the result of a very energetic dance move. Styling-wise this is an organic style, just do a loose bun and then do 35 star jumps then tie a cute little black ribbon in it! 

2. Evil Eye Bobby Pins
These rule so hard! I don't have these but I am completely obsessed, they really give new meaning to the old 'eyes in the back of my head' mum saying. 

3. Trinket Crazy
Do you own a hot glue gun? Did you know you can make anything a hair accessory by gluing it to a bobby pin? Well you do now - GO CRAZY!

4. Posh Pearls
So pretty! Pearl pins near or around the face can look a bit odd like a growth or something - try placing the pearl ended pins at the back of a low bun.

5. Comedy Clips
These are the hair equivalent of those giant wall hanging swatch watches. That only the coolest kids in school had when you were growing up, these clips are exactly the same.

6. Bow Peep
This is probably my favorite, its a good idea to section your hair and fasten with a hair tie before tying a massive satin bow in it. The floppy bow is really great if you have quite flat hair it adds lots of volume.
My love for a Gossip Girl Alice Band is infinite!This one is by Romance Was Born and it is the perfect hair party accessory when you have your hair out and wavey ravey.

Places I like get my hair party pretties from:

Thursday, 12 July 2012

DIY : Egyptian Lover Nails

My friend Alyssa came over for a hang out yesterday and naturally we did our nails, she wanted evil eyes like Alexa Chung the hipster nail art reigning heavy weight queen. Could I ever! 

1. After applying a base coat and letting it dry completely. Draw almond shapes on your nails with a white nail pen. Let dry.

2. Are you a brown eyed girl? Or blue eyed beauty? Using a super dooper fine brush paint a small circle in the center of the almond shape as the pupils. Let Dry.

3. Outline the almond shape with a black nail pen.

4. Now its starting to look a little creepy. Draw a dot in the center of the pupil with the black nail pen - press very lightly because the polish underneath wont be completely dry.



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Real Techniques Brushes : Core Collection

I previously posted about the much anticipated Real Techniques brushes, well they are now available Australia wide at Priceline stores. Deciding I would start with the 'Core Collection' consisting of 4 brushes designed to perfect your makeup base, usually one for applying my foundation with my fingers or if I have a little time on my hands I will use my Sigma F80 brush. Am I over complicating my routine by adding these brushes? Hells to the no! These brushes are a breeze and blend out product in seconds flat, here's my round up (from left):

Primarily for applying liquid foundation this brush works miracles, seriously. I have been pumping 2 squirts of foundation (I am testing out Lancome Teint Mircacle at the moment) on the back of my hand and dabbing the brush on the foundation to lightly coat the bristles and starting at the centre of my face and blending out. It leaves a seamless finish and is good at allowing you to build up your foundation in areas you need more coverage. My only qualms are that I would like it to be slightly more dense and I wouldn't try and apply mineral foundations with this brush as it would place the product on the skin rather than blending it out.

Well I don't now who would uses this small brush for foundation? Maybe a gnome? What it is good for is applying highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, brow arch and cupids bow. It's also great for applying setting powder to small areas like under eye or chin.

The box says that this brush is for applying concealer or lipstick hmmmmm -  I don't think so! The tapered end to the brush is brilliant for taking cream eyeshadow under the eye and blending it into the lower lash line.

Woah this brush is phenomenal! I have been using this with Soleil Tan de Chanel which is a cream bronzer to contour my 'cheek bones' and temples -  I don't normally have cheek bones but now I do! Holy Moly this brush sits so comfortably into the hollow of your cheek bone when you make a fish face, in circular motions it carves out cheek bones like you are chipping at marble sculpture.

Ok so here's the deal, at all possible occasions we should all be trying buy our products from local Australian retail stores to support our economy and promote local business. Here are your options of buying Real Techniques brushes - Just saying:

Real Techniques 'Core Collection' AU$45.00 Priceline

Real Techniques 'Core Collection' US$17.99 iHerb

Hair Trend : Bobby Pins - Cute Attack!

Bobby Pins are trending big time and I couldn't be more excited!
Hair Grips or Bobby Pins are holy grail status to me, I always have a handful scattered through my bag, bed, makeup purse, shower, bathroom sink THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. If I am ever lost in the wilderness please advise the SES to track me via fallen out bobby pins.

The trend of visible contrast or bright placement Bobby Pins really gives some cute youthful  humor to a look. To make this look wearable try placing the pins on one side of your head only just above your ears and space them whichever way you like. (See my interpretation above) Try mixing bright colours or metallics if you are feeling extra cute!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mascara Madness: Volume Vs Length

Even if I am not leaving the house for the day I will still put mascara on, being very fair my eyelashes look naked without a thick application of black mascara. Natural lashes are not my thing I like them big, thick and black!
Mascara is one of the few things that you cannot test before you buy it, and if you do then you are going to get a nasty case of pink eye. Here are my tips for the best volumizing and best lengthening mascaras. 

This is really good at getting the roots of your lashes, just hold the brush at the roots and wiggle up. Dior mascara's formula is quite dry and they don't last as long as other brands. It feels like you have mascara on when you wear this or maybe a set of demi false lashes, which I like. If you already have thick or long lashes then this is just going to enhance what you already have.

If you want thick lashes this is your mascara, I usually wipe half the amount of product that comes out off with a tissue first and then with the next couple of coats I put more and more product on the brush. It feels like there is alot of product in the tube and it lasts quite a while without drying out - although you should change mascara every 3 months for hygiene. 

If your go to look is just a bit of smudged eyeliner and lots of mascara, then Smokey Lash is perfect for you. It dries to a really matte jet black and blends into the eyeliner on your waterline seamlessly. The waterproof version is the best waterproof mascara I have ever used, you could do 25 laps in a heated pool and it still wouldn't budge - the British synchronised swimming team uses Make Up For Ever products!

Quite a wet formula, but this mascara gives you a little time to work with it and build it up before it dries. If you like plastic brushes this is probably the best, very flexible and bendy.

Cutest packaging of all the mascara's award! Awwwww. Doll Eyes is perfect to get to the little inner corner lashes to give you a twiggy-esque 60's look. For bottom lashes hold the brush vertically and with the tip make little strokes this will coat them really well making them defined and very pretty.

The 2000 Calorie line mascara line has been around for like ever, now with a few different varieties available. It disperses the most perfect amount of product on the brush to give your lashes a thin coating from the base to the tip, I do need to curl my lashes when using this mascara though.

Zoom Lash is a very wet formula, I wipe off most of the product from the brush onto a tissue before applying it to my lashes. But after a couple of coats it is ON! Seriously once I got dumped by a boy and cried 3 times in 45mins and it stayed in place expelling tears like a pro. Turning to him worried my mascara was running down my face he said no your mascara is fine -  at that point I knew I had to tell babes about this mascara. If you are going on a date to see a really sad movie say something like My Sisters Keeper that level of crytown you should definitely wear Mac's Zoom Lash.

If you are someone who likes the idea of wearing makeup but you don't want people to be able to tell you are actually wearing a full face of make up (not me!) Laura Mercier's Long Lash gives the most fluttery long subtle lashes. Perfect for no-makeup makeup.

If you can get passed the packaging this is a really good mascara. Like really good! It gets the base of the lash at the tightline of your eyelid and then will coat the lash to the tip. This is not clumpy at all and will fan your lashes out. A wet formula but gives you time to push your lashes into shape before drying.

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