Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter and Happy Internet! xx

Easter for most people is four days of just hanging out at home watching movies, clearing out your wardrobe, baking those cookies you saw on pinterest, face masks in the bath and lots of uninterrupted Internet browsing.
Here are a couple of my favourite sites to inspire/procrastinate/spend money and generally stalk.

Illustrations of a bunny wearing runway looks.....CUTE ALERT. 

I totally read the news! If you want to track Kimye's bump on the daily and need to keep abreast with Harry Style's latest babe then Daily Mail is the news site for you.

Hannah-Rose is a Sydney girl after my own heart, she loves K-Jacques, baking and Maison Balzac Candles. Documenting snippets of her life with sweet and witty comments paired with very pretty pictures.

Tanja has an absolute dream wardrobe, everything she wears makes me want to save all my hard earned pennies up and blow them on a pair of silver leather Ellery hot pants or pair of Marni earings. Tanja is also a lovely and dear person, her posts are genuine and addictive....BTW she is as beautiful in the flesh and couldn't be sweeter.

My saved items list is generally around 30 items or so, that is the best thing about ASOS you can satisfy that shopping craving and buy a couple of things and save anything you are unsure of. Also the beauty section usually has UK products and brands which are hard to find in stores locally like Barry M and Eyeko. Here are a few things from my saved items:

Hope your easter is filled with endless Hot Cross Buns, Cadbury Cream Eggs and lots of internet.
Let me know what's in your ASOS saved I don't feel like such an online hoarder. 

xxx Nella
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Hair, Don't Care!

Two hair Posts in one week......Who am I becoming?

So I have gone from blonde to blonde, it's still a change. Super bored of high maintenance lemon bright white blonde hair I decided to switch it up, being THAT blonde took a lot of time, money and effort.
Explaining this to Jaye last week he totally understood, even though we both knew I would regret it in a week when season 3 of Game of Thrones starts and Khalessi is all on with the dragons being a mega babe. Anyway now my hair is a much more natural and manageable honeycomb blonde, with lighter creamier Blondie balayage to soften the colour around my face.
I am over the moon crazy about my new hair, it feels like a change but I still feel like me. The team at Edwards and Co are all super friendly and welcoming - Shout outs to little Liam the Salon Assistant who turns 18 tomorrow! 

xx Nella

Jaye Edwards @ Edwards and Co
Level 1/255 Riley St Surry Hills
9212 7516

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is a work in progress at the moment, it is having its own extreme makeover of sorts - everything is going on colour, length the whole shabang!
So I thought with my hair overhaul I might switch up my routine and try a new shampoo and conditioner combo from Sebastian's Trilliance line. Taking my hair back to a more natural colour (ashy-strawberry-dark-blonde) it was lacking shine and softness from all the bleaching and toning. Within the first week of using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was looking and feeling AMAZING! 

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo: Very refining and removes any product build up, which for me is lots of dry shampoo and also hair oils which stick to the hair attracting dirt. This is all I want from a shampoo, to really clean my hair and not leave any residue which will way it down. 

Sebastian Trilliance Conditoner: I have never used a conditioner which actually makes your hair shine like ever. Applying it in the shower I generally leave it in for 3-5mins while I shave my legs or do other shower things, then rinse out by combing out any excess product with wide tooth comb. 

If I let my hair naturally air dry it doesn't frizz up, feeling weightless and falling into shape and not looking too out of control. After blow drying is when you can really see how shiny and soft your hair is from the Shampoo and Conditioner, glistening Twilight style in the sun. 

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo $34.00 & Sebastian Trilliance Conditioner $36.00 available from selected salons for more info

xxx Nella

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Autumn Edit : EVO, Becca, Bare Minerals, The Balm & 1000Hour Eyebrow tint


EVO Mane Perscription Protein Treatment $25.95
After a long summer of sun and salt water swims my hair isn't feeling its finest at the moment, it needs a little TLC and some intense masks! This treatment from EVO is an 'intense protein re-constructor, the more it is used the stronger your hair gets' - HELL YES! Also I am growing out my 'LOB'  - Long Bob and it is at a stubborn length which it is refusing to grow past, hopefully this treatment will give my hair a good kick in its butt to hurry the fudge up!
Evo is available from

Becca Resurfacing Primer $55.00
Have you ever seen those poor little penguins that have been affected by an oil spill? Well thats my face by about 11am at the moment...Oil slick city. Pores are in overdrive, I am hoping the REALLY dewy look will catch on sometimes soon. But alas my only hope I feel maybe a this primer which contains 'oil absorbing polymers' - Cool story Becca. After the disapointing Becca mascara fail of 2013, this primer better blow my socks off. I'm going to go and rub the tester in David Jones half way up my arm tomorrow just to make sure I want to part with 55beans for this pricey primer.
Becca is available from

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Quad in The Next Big Thing $39.44 
Wowzers this Quad looks so pretty, it the colours are perfect for blue or green eyes. Spying it on Temptalia a little while ago I fell hard! This is her description of the 4 shades : The Rising Star (sunlit gold),Smash Hit (vibrant peach), Hoopla (glowing copper), and Ensemble (smoked-out plum). WANT! NEED! GOT TO HAVE! Bare Minerals is one of those brands which prices vary from stockist to stockist it is $39.44 at the moment on Feel Unique at the moment with 15% off but sometime ASOS has a 20% off coupon and sometimes Kit Cosmetics is about the same, so it is worth shopping around a bit.
Bare Minerals is available from and 

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer $24.00
Highlighters are a big deal in the beauty world at the moment, like BIG! Its totally trending. The problem I have with highlighters is that they do not have any longevity, when layered over a blush or a bronzer they take the colour pigment of the blush/bronzer off as they wear off. I have swatched the Mary Lou Manizer a couple of times and it has by far got the best lasting power, so I think she will be brightening up my face very soon.
The Balm is available from

1000Hour Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint $15.20
You know how I just told you highlighters are a big deal? Well Eyebrows are an even BIGGER deal! The biggest deal like ever.....probably since the Blue Lagoon came out and you spied Brooke Sheilds bushy brows. Now there is Cara Delvingne giving us all brow-envy, how dare she! My brows are naturally blonde and non-exsistant, no need to pluck or wax. Sad. Anyway I have started dying my eyebrows and my friend Alyssa's eyebrows and anyone else who will let me near there eyebrows with this little pack, it is very easy to master and lasts about 2 weeks before needing a touch up. I feel I have gone from zero to almost hero in the brow department for the moment that is.
1000Hour Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint is available from

What is on your WANT! NEED! LUST! GIMME! Autumn List? Let me know....

xxx Nella
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

BYS Glitter for Nails 'Bling it on' Manicure

BYS Glitter for Nails in 'Bling it on'

D.I.V.A nails alert!!! I fell hard for these little Glitter kits, the glitter is very finely milled so there is less risk of it all coming off within the first 24 hours of application and also they are totally affordable.

D.I.Y Glitter for Nails Tutorial:

1. Prep nails buffing and shaping, then apply a good base coat to protect your nails. Manicare's Strengthening Base Coat is fast drying and quite thick which makes it work really well underneath glitter polishes.

2. Apply 2 thin coats of the BYS Gold Polish, 

3. Whilst the 2nd coat is still wet and sticky dip the nails you want to be gold glitter sparkle parties into the glitter pot. Take a chill pill and what for your nails to dry, sit tight otherwise you are going to get glitter everywhere! 

4. Using the little brush provided in the kit brush away any excess glitter from your nails. Apply a generous top coat to get that glitter to stay put.

BYS Glitter for Nails in 'Bling it On' $7.95 available from 

Love a Manicam!

xxx Nella

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Allergic Reaction Survival Kit... DO NOT FREAK OUT!

Waking up with a sore swollen face with a texture rougher than sand paper, my eyes red filled with gunk and not to mention wanting to itch and scratch my face off - was not pleasant. I'm not sure what exactly caused the allergic reaction which started on Saturday morning but it was the type of reaction that is typical when your skin freaks out from a topical product. Meaning it was one of bazillion products I apply to my face or hair on a daily basis, sometimes you can have an allergic reaction from a product which doesn't normally effect you because your hormones are a little askew that day too.
So what next? This is my Survival Guide to having an Allergic reaction:

1. See your doctor! I was told to take Claritine for 5 days to alleviate itching and swelling.

2. Stop using any skin care which is high in fragrance and exfoliants. Stick to gentle products which nurse your skin back to health wont sting and irritate your poor face even more. Uriage Toléderm products are so soothing and feel like heaven on itchy skin.
Uriage Hydra Soothing Creme $39.95 & Uriage Toléderm Cleansing Water $29.95 available from 

3. Eye creams and Lip balms really irritate me when my skin is freaking out trusty Lucas Paw Paw Ointment saves my skin and the day again! Dry sand paper skin is the worst, especially around your eyes. Before bed I have been lathering on Paw Paw Ointment all over my eyes and lips, sounds gross but trust me it works and in the morning they are far less itchy and red.

4. If you are feeling really dry and crusty try massaging some Avocado oil into your face, it is very mellow and the heat from your fingers will help melt the oil into your sore skin.

5. No MAKEUP! You read that correctly.....Yes learn to love your bare naked face, it should clear within 7 days so save up all your fanciest Tom Ford products and go crazy when your face has cleared up.

xx Nella

Have you ever had an Allergic reaction to a product? Let me know...

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pretty in Pink

Pink has always been my favourite colour - FACT! Here are a few of my current pink obsessions.

Vintage Pink Bobble Earings
These are super Golden Girls, right? They give every outfit feel like a poolside Miami cocktail hour vibe. I think I picked them up at an Op Shop in Melbourne a few years ago, how could you not love them?

Yves Saint Laurent Reading Glasses
My very serious and smart reading glasses, wearing these makes me feel like *Bubble. You know when you see 'Art Mums' wearing brightly framed glasses and big jewelry banging around the supermarket? Well I fear that I have already become an 'Art Mum' at 29 without even having a child. Also when I got the lenses for these fitted at Spec Savers the girl called every member of staff working over to laugh at my glasses and said 'Are you actually going to wear these?' YES!
*Bubble = Edies Assitant in Ab Fab, duh!
YSL 6263 Eye Glasses $162.95 available from

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in 325 Spellbound
Taylor Swift vows that her signature red lip is CoverGirl's Lip Perfection Lipstick in 'Hot Passion'....So I immediately tried every Priceline till I found 'Hot Passion' in stock, it wasn't for me....way too much orange and washed out my skin. On the same shopping excursion I picked up 'Spellbound' it is a berry-magenta-bomb! If MAC's 'Girl about town' and 'Rebel' had a baby it would be 'Spellbound'. The finish of the Lip Perfection's is a Satin but don't be fooled these babes have some amazing lasting power, you will need minimal re-application throughout the day/night and will need a makeup wipe for removal. 'Spellbound' is my new favourite pink and hasn't left my makeup bag since we met. We are totally going steady.
CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick $14.95 available from

Real Techniques Stippling Brush & Blush Brush
Power cheek duo! The Stippling Brush for cream blusher applies the most perfectly controlled amount of product to your cheeks, then with dabbing and circular motions blends the colour into your skin leaving flushed natural look. The Blush Brush for powder blush, swirling only the brush tip into your blush pan means that when applying colour to the cheeks it is blended by the outter clean brush hairs instantly and these brushes is super soft like a bunnykins tail  - 100% acryllic! Eeewwww real hair in brushes makes me want to gag.
Stippling Brush and Blush Brush are $22.99 available from

Australis Nail Polish in Glitter Strkes Back
Excuse you Australis whilst you just bring out some of the most incredible glitter nail polish ever! Pink, purple, orange and gold! Wow this is really screaming Bollywood too me but at the same time very appropriate for an everyday glitter nail when applied over a nude. To achieve even glitter coverage apply thin coats and allow dry time between each layer.
Australis Nail Polish $7.95each available from

Have you tried any of this Pink Pretties?

xxx Nella

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

The nostalgic packaging of Dr.Bronner's magic soaps are a fixture in my shower and is often reached for. I suffer from occasionally eczema which is brought on by stress and also dermatitis leaving my skin irritable and very itchy! It needs to be nurtured back to health with healing and soothing oils not scrubbed and stripped with topical anti-biotics. Containing Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Hemp Oil and Jojoba Oils, it leaves skin feeling clean but also softened and hydrated. 
If you are addicted to extremely scented body washes this isn't for you, low in's hippy stuff ok, most have a slightly natural scent. There is a Baby Mild line of products which are unscented if you can't stand a little natural spice.
Another great use for Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps is for brush cleaning! It is amazing, pop a little into a glass with some water then swirl your dirty makeup brushes in the mixture squeezing excess water out and rinse. My brushes have never been so clean and for some reason it makes them dry really quickly.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps available from and most health food stores
59ml - $3.75      944ml - $19.95       1.89L - $37.20        3.78L - $76.20

xxx Nella

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

L'oréal Shine Caress - 140 Endless Love

 L'oréal Shine Caress - 140 'Endless Red' $23.95 available from

The Beauty Hype Machine has been in overload in preparation for the release of the L'oréal Shine Caress lip gloss stains and I totally caved. Having already purchased a few of the YSL Glossy Stain's last year I knew that the L'oréal Shine Caress's would be exactly the same - a little heads up,  L'oréal manufactures YSL and Armani Cosmetics so there are many similarities between products from all 3 brands. 
Back to the lipgloss.....It applies easily to to the lips and isn't a sticky formula more of a thick fluid, the applicator has a pointed end which I found annoying because it would hold too much product at the end and I would have to use my finger to even out the coverage. The difference between this lipgloss and any others I have tried is that it is very buildable, with each coat you notice the opacity and intensity deepening. The other difference is that the texture on your lips changes after about 15mins when the lipgloss sets, it becomes quite tacky as it settles into the lips. It is a longwear lipgloss, some transfer happens when drinking or making out but not as much a regular lipgloss.
'140' - Endless Red looks like a siren red in the tube but is totally different on my lips, when dabbed on it creates a bee stung wine stained look and then when applied with 3 coats plus it is a deep red cranberry on my lips. So if you are looking to get your hands on these babies be prepared for some difference of tube to lips with colours.

Oh and also Priceline has the L'oréal Shine Caress lipgloss on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment....  
Kiss Kiss!

xx Nella

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Removing staining from your nails....Naturally!

With my glitter polish obsession hitting fever pitch my nails have been been paying a price, yellowy-brown staining from darker polishes was getting really bad. I had a look around for some remedies online most contained bleach and other harsh chemicals, which is never good. Then I came across this little home remedy which worked a treat and left my nails looking amazing (see below!)

3 Tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda
30ml of Tempid Water
The juice of one lemon

Rub and massage the mixture onto nails for 5 minutes per hand, the mixture is a thick paste and when rubbed into the nail bed exfoliates any clingy cuticles off the nail leaving nails smooth and very clean.
The lemon and Bi-Carb are natural cleaning and lightening agents which remove the staining.

My nails have never looked So Fresh 'N So Clean......Best of all no buffing away any much needed layers of my already thin nails.

Try it at home and tell me if it works for you?


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xxx Nella

Friday, 1 March 2013

Neutrogena Naturals : Launch and Review

I was invited to attend the bloggers launch of the new line from Neutrogena, Neutrogena Naturals this week. It was a really lovely set-up at Twig Cafe with lots of beautiful blooms and of course lots of products to play with. At my table were Lucy from Luv-Luc, Theresa from The Ladida and Bianca from  Sporte Luxe  its always great to meet fellow beauty blog babes. 
Then there was a presentation highlighting the benefits of Neutrogena Naturals ingredients free from Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes and Phthalates BUT more excitingly a sneak peak of the TVC featuring Sloth Lovin' - Problem Solvin' - Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell. I love her!

Oh la la I feel like a scientist! Curious about what goes into the all natural Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm? So good for you that, if you really wanted to you could eat it.
Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter....mmmmmmmm! 


1. Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover $14.99
A pre-cleansing cleanser which loosens makeup from the skin, contains Coconut and Peruvian Tara Seed oils. Great if you wear heavy makeup and you find when you wash your face its not all coming off properly, also if makeup is removed first then a second cleanse will then help add nutrients into the skin.

2. Purifying Facial Cleanser $14.99
Yes! Finally an easily accessible brand using Willowbark as a main ingredient. Willowbark is a natural source of Salicylic Acid - which looses dead skin and is a non abrasive exfoliant. 

3. Purifying Pore Scrub $14.99
A granulated scrub which contains very fine Jojoba Seeds, which exfoliate without irritating the skin. 
Also containing Willowbark, this is a great natural scrub alternative for acne prone skin.

4. Face and Body Bar $4.99
Love a nice looking soap! Containing Avocado and Olive oils leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized after showering. Neutrogena soaps have always been good in the past I have suffered from Eczema and Neutrogena soaps are really gentle and sensitive on irritated skin.

5. Lip Balm $4.99
100% naturally derived ingredients - slight smell of Peppermint but not too over powering.

All Neutrogena Naturals products are available in Supermarkets and Pharmacies from March.

Let me know if you have any questions or just tweet me if you have tried any of the Neutrogena Naturals range yet? @beautegazette

Nella xxx

P.S Here is a little more of Kristen Bell....Girl Crush!

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