Thursday, 27 September 2012

GIRLS at the Emmy Awards + What's in your party clutch?

So even though GIRLS didn't win any actual Emmy's this season it has been the best series since Twin Peaks in my opinion. I felt compelled to take to my blog to express this, which I am sure one character or another from the show would have done if they were in my position, shit I might even put this on Twitter too and Instagram the hell out of it. Because that's what girls do in their 20's, right?  My favorite line from Girls is when Hannah is talking to her parents about how she is going to become a writer and needs them to support her financially for a little while (I have had this exact same conversation with my parents, but was too pre-occupied with myself to blab out such a winning line) and the way she delivered it made me think she was such a jerk and it also made myself feel like a mega jerk : 'I think I may be the voice of my generation......or at least a voice.....of a generation.'

So-what, this is a total make believe 'What's in my clutch?' The way GIRLS is written you kinda feel like you know each of the characters really well - almost too well, either your best friend reminds you of Shoshanna or you work with a Marnie or your boyfriend cheated on you with Jessa and you like me cringe at the fact that you have more than 10 similarities to Hannah.

Clutch : Marni from £345.85
None of the girls carried a clutch, I just am obsessed with this cutie from Marni and am thinking that if I put it into the universe magically in my come to me in someway.

Mini Oreo's : Before the Emmy's Lena Denham instagrammed a photo of her naked eating a whole cake with her hands, so from that we know the girl likes sweets. Did anyone else even watch the Emmy's? It was about 1 million hours long and with all those constricting dresses in the room and actresses that hadn't eaten in days the most annoying thing would be to wave a packet of mini oreo's in their faces.

Chanel blotting papers : These were released a little while ago, I don't know if they are still available? But I have them in my makeup stash waiting for a fancy enough occasion to whip them out.

Dior Kohl Eyeliner in Black : I have kind of imagined that Lena, Zosia and Alison all got ready together in a hotel room and they all had their makeup done and no one was more famous than the others. What I liked most about Lena's makeup was her strong kohl eye, it wasn't a slutty I am wearing heaps of eye makeup kardashian vibe it was an even kohl matte outline of the eyes which made her chestnut eyes look incredible.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Soft pink : There was no throw back retro lips amongst the GIRLS cast, leave that to Zooey Deschanel. Ellis Faas is a brand which is interesting enough to show off in a bathroom full of famous people in a bathroom at the Emmy's but the lasting time and colours are also very flattering and classic.

Prada Candy EDP : Maybe to match her dress or maybe because it smells like cake. I had this perfume on my desk for ages and to be honest I immediately hated it, it is sickly sweet but since the Night Jasmine is in bloom and everything in life is sweeter again I have found myself reaching for it.

Estee Lauder Alligator print gold compact : I have a strong image in my mind of starlets leaning up to the Emmy's bathroom mirror all powdering their noses with these gold compacts. This is totally a fictional day dream and I know and probably the only person who carries a compact like this around in real life if Joan Collins.

Iphone : Probably with a jazzy/cute/comedy cover on it. To instagram /tweet/facebook and remember the whole night with.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Zit Zappers

Are you suffering from spots? Do you need help to zap your zits? Whether it is the change in season breaking you out or if you suffer from hormonal spots around your period there are products which can help. They are not magic but if applied before you go to bed then by morning the spot should have calmed down and not be throbbing and sore or feel like it is growing into a volcano. If you are suffering from acne or a skin condition these products aren't going to work on your skin, you need to see a dermatologist. These are purely for single spots and need to be applied directly on the pimple and a very small area around the blemish with a clean cotton bud not fingers.
Here are a few products I have tried and tested on my spotty dotty problems in the past:

1. Benzac Benzoyl Peroxide 10% $15.99 / 50gm
10% is the strongest of the Benzoyl Peroxide creams, you can also get 2.5% and 5% treatment creams. These creams are very drying so don't put it on any areas other than the pesky spot. Although the peroxide totally kills all the bacteria in your blemish it can also stain clothing and pillow cases if you apply at night might be best to sleep on a towel to avoid ruining your favorite Laura Ashley pillow shams - trust me I am speaking from experience.
Benzac AC is available from Chemists

2. Sudocrem $4.70 / 30gm
If you have pimples which are just sore underground mine fields which never come to the surface no matter the amount of squeezing or torture this might help. It contains 17.5% Zinc Oxide which is a drawing agent, I put this thick white cream on stubborn spots over night and by morning there still will be a spot but it is not red and sore and it will have come to a head of gross.
Sudocrem is available from Chemists

3. Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel $32.00 / 15ml
This is the lightest of all the treatments containing 1%Salicylic Acid which will dry out pores over producing oil, it also contains a tone of alcohol which isn't the best for your skin. I use this gel combined with other treatments as a final step and wipe the effected area with a cotton pad.
Available from

4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $26.95 /  30ml
This looks so old fashioned and like something my mum would have wiped on my mozzie bites when I was little. This is my current zit zapper of choice because it has so many zapping ingredients Camphor, Salicylic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Calamine. Application of this lotion is very specific, do not shake the bottle, leave the 2 formula's separated. Then dip a cotton bud into the bottle so that the you get the calamine to sooth the spot and the acid to kill the bacteria in and around the spot. 
Mario Badescu is available from

5. Origins Super Spot Remover $19.00 / 10ml
Very high amounts of Salicylic Acid instantly starts to zap your horrible spot. It is a strong formula so after using this I always use some soothing and calming products to get the effected areas back to normal.
Origins is available from

Look out for these ingredients when buying zit zapping products:
- Zinc Oxide
- Salicylic Acid
-Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA'S)
-Benzoyl Peroxide

SHOW GIRLS : Spring Summer 2013 Beauty

Images via
Rodarte girls were brave and fearlessly natural, with the clearest of skin extremely groomed eyebrows pushed and brushed into place with wax. These girls were strong and adorned with ear amour which  was way Game of Thrones and right up my medieval alley. Complexions were the anti-christ of the Kardashian ethos, with the lightest of applications of Nars Sheer Glow Foundation just in the centre of the face and specifically NOT on the cheeks because "because once it gets on the cheeks, it actually looks like foundation," says Makeup Artist James Kaliardos. Nars Triple X Clear Gloss was applied on models eyes up to the brow bone and along the cheek bone, this was a really tuff look almost sweat like. Maybe they worked up a sweat slaying dragons?
The nails were an intricate three dimensional basketweave "It took 200 man-hours," CND manicurist Michelle Huynh. Woah. Check out the NPAA facebook page for images and our favorite show nails.
Images via
Australian sweetie Ruby Jean Wilson opened and closed the Marc Jacobs show, her dramatic bleach blonde make over made some very not so subtle references to Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick.  Hair was teased , back combed to voluminous heights using Redken's Guts 10 Volume Spray Mouse and Refresh Aerosol Hair Powder Dry Shampoo and then side parted.
François Nars who created the Edie clones complete with big bold over drawn brows using Nars Bengali and Bali Single Shadows. For the eyes used Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Key Largo and Portobello washing the lid with the pale peach and then creating a deep crease with the rich bronze in the duo.
Most of the shows have focused on a key feature on the face and played it up either a bright lip or an interesting eye which pulled the look together. But with Marc's Edie's they needed multiple bold features played up to pull the look together because it wouldn't have worked without the big-hair or bold brows or dramatic eyes.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SHOW GIRLS : Sping Summer 2013 Beauty

Images :

Burberry Prorsum has been the most unexpected and exciting show for me so far, who would have thought the trench coat could be reinvented so many times and this time in shimmering bright metallics? I was so into this show, the looks were simple but still held the strong bold statement that a traditional Burberry trench has.
Ok hair....HAIR! I have an all time favorite hairstyle, it is when you put on your jacket or a scarf and your hair gets trapped in the back neck and pushes up the top to create volume. Burberry did it! YAY! Tendrils of textured waves were left to shape the face.
Red lips who would have thought boring Burberry would do a red lip, not me. The shade used was 'Siren' which will be out with the winter/fall collection - in the UK, which means we wont see it in our stores for a while. It is a velvet matte finish, making the lips pop off the face in an optical illusion. Other than the bold defined scarlet lip the rest of the face was kept clean and natural mixing Burberry's Fresh Glow Foundation and the forthcoming illuminator.

Images :

Karl's other babe Fendi showed a bold muted okra toned colour palette of textured shifts and pervy specs topped off with plush dice bags. Peter Philips created a striking look on the face it was clean and fresh a seamless luminous base adding and enhancing the natural pinky tones to the face but nothing obvious or distracting. All the focus was on tonal neoprene strips on the models lower lash line, varying in colours depending on the look, 2 short strips of colour toward the inner corner worked as a stuck on strip of highlighter. The outer corner of the lower lash line was defined by a longer strip of black neoprene, eyes were free of mascara and liner leaving the fabric strips as the one and only statement on the face.
Keeping with the fresh perfected clean base on nails was a nudey-salmon colour, Chanel's Ming was mixed with a drop of white and touch of sunny yellow to create the perfect tone.

Stay tuned, more SHOW GIRLS all week coming up next Marc Jacobs and Rodarte.......

Friday, 21 September 2012

Essie's Spring Collection : Totally Tropical

Essie Mini's $25.00 for the set of 4 or $18.95 each as single polishes
Wowzers! How cute are Essie's new Spring Collection mini's!
The colours are very pretty and bright but also very wearable, and like all Essie polishes they apply like a dream. 2 coat's covers the whole nail to opacity, they dry fairly quickly too. Mini's are a great way to test out seasonal colours, and if you fall desperately in love with a colour then you can always pick up the full size.
Here are my colour descriptions:

Navigate her : Is different to a lot of the mints and pastel greens which have been coming out lately, it is slightly darker in tone and more of a pear rather than mint which will suit a variety of skin tones. 

Olé Caiente : Oh my goodness! This is a really beautiful pink based red which on the nail looks luminous and almost fluorescent. I am obsessed. To compare it to something I would say it is a bright hibiscus fusion of the brightest pink, red and orange you can think of.

To Buy Or Not To Buy : Pastel lavender with a subtle twist of really fine shimmery green, blue and purple particles. If you are usually a nude kinda polish girl then try this out for a fresh and cute summer mani.

Tour de Finance : Fuchsia fantasy colour, this colour is wild. It reminds me of cougars on a P&O cruise, who just want the brightest fingers possible to match their leopard print onsies by the pool. It is a Glowing blue based fuchsia pink with a pearlesant sheen to top it off! 

These colours are giving me a tropical beat to my step and make me want to drink Piña Colada's on the beach and go out dancing.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beauté Gazette : Men Men MEN!

Fun fact Beauté Gazette loves MEN! But this post isn't just for all the hunks out there, this is also for your sweet girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, sisters, cousins and friends who are so sweet they don't want to tell you that you have dry skin or your nose hairs really bug them or it would be nice if you shaved once in a blue moon because you give me pash rash! It's a modern world giving a gentleman the gift of grooming products is as normal as giving a babe a bottle of her favorite perfume (Annick Goutal, Petite Cherie in case anyone is wondering? Hint HINT!)
Here are a few products for bro's which have caught my eye of late:

Tweezerman Essential Grooming Set for Men $40.80
If you are a dude and your adorable girlfriend gave you this set as a gift - Take a hint! You either have out of control nose hair which she hates staring at over dinner or your toe nails make her want to gag. Fret not though she isn't going to dump you, the opposite actually she must really REALLY love you and has given you a Tweezerman Essential Grooming Set for Men to sort yourself out so your relationship can have a better shot minus nose hair and hobbit feet.
Tweezerman is available from and David Jones

La Clinica For Skin & Body Mens Lime and Pomegrante Moisturizing Balm SPF15 $14.00/50ml
This caught my eye when I was researching my previous post about La Clinica products and it immediately made me think of a couple of boys I know as it is perfect for extreme weather conditions. Does your boyfriend leave your cosy bed before 6am because 'the waves are just too good babe' well instead of slapping him maybe just gently rub this into his face instead. The balm will act as a protective barrier against drying salt and freezing water. It is also only $14.00 which is a price which wouldn't be too intimidating for a male to spend if he was wanting to upgrade a little in the skin care stakes.
La Clinica is available from

Weleda Shaving Cream $12.85/75ml
I often get asked if there is a difference in mens and womens skin types i.e can men and women use the same products? Is there THAT big of a difference? Well aside from all the marketing and big companies convincing you that there is, there actually is. Not so much for cleansing or moisturizing but facial hair and shaving is the big difference. Duh! I have witnessed horrifying acts of facial shaving by males, using soap and blunt razors!!! OUCH AND EW!!!  Boys lather up and lather up good please with a lubricating and moisturizing shaving cream, this will help stop any irritation and ingrown hairs.
Busted, I totally tested this out and shaved my legs with Weleda's Shaving Cream and it is really good!
Weleda Products are available from

MALIN + GOETZ Detox Face Mask $60.00/118ml
Ok so for some males there would be no way, no how that they would use a face mask. So this Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask is a good option it can be used as a daily cleanser as well if your skin or his skin is feeling super dry stage. My tactic for application would be to say 'oh your skin looks dry why not let me pop this cleanser and leave it on for 5mins' that way you avoid using the word face mask which is associated to general womens faffing and is not manly at all. Packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to boost the skin with antioxidants and soy proteins to plump and firm. This face mask is totally co-ed and to be honest a couple that face masks together - stays together.
Malin + Goetz products are available from

Aesop Theory of Evolution Gift Set $310.00
Giving this to someone is like giving someone a very BIG and very expensive hint. If you are giving this gift to a man then chances are he needs a complete skin overhaul. I often think about unlikely coupling, what happens if you meet an amazing manx but you when you stay over and it completely freaks you out that your Creme de La Mer is perched next to a can of industrial strength Lynx? Chances are he has just never learnt about skin care or bothered to care. Here is your chance, make him care! Make him care with Aesop. The Parsley Seed range is great for men because it is will keep blemishes away as well as being super hydrating.
Aesop is available from

Korres Marigold and Ginseng Aftershave Balm $34.95/150ml
After he has got the hang of shaving without almost cutting his throat every morning phase two would be to introduce am aftershave balm. I love Korres products, they are heaven! I just can only imagine a hunky Neptune type men in Greece lathered in Korres products and just begging to rub my favorite cinnamon and vanilla Korres body butter into my back. Back to reality! Coaxing your boyfriend to use this aftershave balm packed with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel which will help with bumpy stubble and irritated hair follicles.
Korres products are available from

Anthony Logistics for Men Vitamin A Facial Treatment $33.95/47ml
This will come as no shock to anyone men are as vain as women and are just as paranoid of lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, freckles and pigmentation. They just aren't as articulate as women at expressing it and aren't as clued in, probably because men don't have advertising about skin care almost pumped into them from every media outlet possible. This facial treatment has enough anti-aging ingredients in it to calm even the most paranoid stud, packed with Vitamin-A (Retinyl Palmitate) even the most sun damaged skin should soften by applying this treatment every evening.
Anthony Logistics products available from

Monday, 17 September 2012

Natural Wonders : La Clinica For Skin & Body

For a while now I have been trying to find a line of NATURAL products which are effective on my skin and feel like they are doing something good rather than just sitting on the surface and smelling nice. Most natural products available in health stores and department stores although containing plenty of great natural oils they also have a high alcohol content and are more marketed as being natural rather than actually containing natural ingredients.
I was sent a a few products from La Clinica, an Australian Organic skin care range, on first inspection I didn't think I would like them then I read through the ingredients.......they had little to NO ALCOHOL in them and seemed to be all good on paper at least. 

La Clinica Anti-Aging Rose Water Facial Mist $23.00
Firstly I tested out the Anti-Aging Rose Water Facial Mist, after I had cleansed my face ready for bed I swiped a cotton pad soaked in the Anti-Aging Rose Water Mist all over my face and it felt lovely and smelled like a Turkish delight. It says it contains Stem Cell Complex-3 which is meant to regenerate skin at a derma level (HUH?!?), look I don't know what that means at all but it felt really cooling and with the amount of other super ingredients in it like Chamomile Flower water, Pinus Pinaster Bark extract, Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract and the list goes to more things that I have no idea what they are....but they are all organic. And trust me its very important that you only use organic Pinus Pinaster Bark. This product is a great alternative to the other facial mists on the market, most of which contain high levels of alcohol and are very drying. I have been using it is as a toner I found it locked in moisture before I went to sleep and I woke up with my skin feeling super soft.

La Clinica Anti-Aging Rose Hip Oil $21.00
Next I applied La Clinica's Anti-Aging 100% Pure Organic Rose Hip Oil all over my face and gave myself a version of a lymphatic face massage, I have been trying to master some at home day spa techniques which are only going mildly ok. Usually Rose Hip Oils are too astringent and strong for my face and I start to feel really hot and suffocating, but this was really light and calming on the skin. I checked my other Rose Hip Oils (I have tried out MANY because of Miranda Kerr's confession that it gives her that glowy supermodel skin) and it they all have other added ingredients which might be what my skin doesn't agree with. In the morning my skin was very soft and I think in certain angles and lights I may have had a very slight supermodel glow too.

La Clinica Rebalancing Vitamin A Day Cream $37.00
The Rebalancing Day Vitamin A Cream was the last product I tried, this has a heavy health food shop smell which some people might not like but it reminds me of my mum so I don't mind it. The cream is quite thick which I was surprised about because it is a day cream, it soaked in quickly and left my face feeling quite matte and dewy rather than slippery or shiny a perfect makeup base. I love this it keeps my skin hydrated all day and doesn't let oily patches through, the only down side is that it does not contain SPF. I would defiantly buy this moisturizer again, I am actually obsessed with it and have been trying to make anyone who is over at my house before 9am (I have a lot of early visitors) to try it out. 

La Clinica is available from selected salons and also online

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beauté Gazette LOVES The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish

The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish $15.00 each Available at The Balm from David Jones.

The Balm is an American brand which I have heard a little bit about from youtubers and blogs, Michelle Phan is a FAN of the eye shadow palettes but I didn't know much more about the brand. 
When testing the water with a new brand some girls pick up lipstick as their barometer, some are foundation devotees so try that out first - I always start with nail polish. This is the product I test out to see if I should buy more than one product from a brand or whether to stop right there and have a very quick pain free break-up.
I tried 2 colours from The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish collection, Coral Reef-ined : a white-based coral which leans more peach with pink undertones and Magenta Disposition : a deep blue based pink which is a true magenta and doesn't stain red - also boom boom cheesy names like every other company. The Balm offers a pretty standard selection of brights with a couple of metallics and glitters but nothing crazy compared to other brands. When having a look at the consistency on the brush of Magenta Disposition on the brush before painting a friends nails it looked really thick, I applied it as I normally would and  I was absolutely AMAZED! It was completely opaque in ONE coat and it was absolutely perfect in application no streaking or clumping or drying off the brush towards the tip of the nail, the brush allowed the polish to sit neatly at the base of the nail and not run into the cuticle bed. I was totally loosing my shit by the time I finished her first hand declaring it was a 'NAIL POLISH REVOLUTION'. By the time I had finished both hands and with a careful inspection I could not get over how great the colour was and how easy it was to apply.
I expected Coral Reef-ined to fail in comparison because it is rare that all colours apply the in the same way from the one brand especially if the colour is white based which tends to streak and clot on the nail. WRONG. Coral Reef-ined was also amazing, same beautifully perfect application. 
The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish are a force to be reckoned with in the nail game and are going to be my go to Pedi colours for summer! I am also now excited as to what else to try from The Balm..... I'm thinking I might pick up the liquid Eyeliner 'Shwing' which looks like it could concur my fear of un-even winged eyeliner.
Has anyone tried any other products from The Balm and been totally blown away?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauté Gazette's Favorite Things

1. Night Jasmine
Walking home through Sydney's leafy green streets the night air is filled with Spring Jasmine, it is so strong and so sweet you cannot help but skip with a huge smile on your face

2. Korres Lip Butter in Plum $18.95 and Great Lash clear Mascara $10.40
My makeup at the moment is very simple with nothing crazy going on. Korres Lip Butter's are delicious and are super moisturizing the sheer plum tint is perfect aeroplane jelly port wine colour which I have been searching for in a lip product for ages. In summer I tint my eyebrows to avoid looking like I am in a Die Antwood cover band. All I need is a few brush strokes of Maybelline's Clear Mascara to shape and set my brows and I'm done.
Korres available from
Maybelline available from Priceline stores

3. Demalogica Skin Hydrate Masque $61.50
After being in the sun and being hot and bothered I like to do a big cleanse using my clarisonic and then use this mask, as well as hydrating it balances the surface oils and any dry spots.
Dermalogica available from

4. Benah Kodi bad in pistachio $420.00
Aghhh I caved, this bag is the cutest. I love it as much as a girl can love a bag. It is going to come on so many adventures with me. When I have a small bag with just the bare essentials : 4 lip glosses, my wallet, coin purse, iphone with large gem encrusted case, gum, hairbrush, Mac fix plus powder and some sesame snaps. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I become a carefree and reckless. 
Benah availabale from
Also check out Benah's excellent blog

5. Bronte Beach
To be specific one rock which is under the pool, it has the perfect slant for lazy afternoon sun bathing and gossiping.

6. JT Coconut Water $3.50 and Dr Karg Tomato and Mozzarella Crisp Bread $7.95
The combination of these snacks is just the best thing ever! Go and get them from your local health foods store.

7. INSTAGRAM!!!! FREE!!!!!
I have an instagram stalking addiction, the other morning at brunch one of my friends asked how another friend was and I piped up with 'Well she just got back from an arty trip to Melbourne then she made a pavlova and bought some new lipsticks and has been getting coffee from the Alexandria Bourke St bakery when she is at work' everyone looked at me confused and the first friend said 'How do you know this? You guys aren't even that close?' to which I replied ' Oh no we're not at all, I just instagram stalk her all the time.' Sometimes I even feel people are more interesting on instagram than in real life. Sick Sad World.
Follow me on instagram @nellavanveenendaal

Beauté Gazette's Basic Base

Lots of friends have been asking for a 'guide to concealers' or 'foundation routine' post. When applying my base I feel that the key to having a flawless base is using a combination of products and then using more or less for different problem areas i.e dark circles, scaring or pigmentation. Explaining my application technique might also help you out if you have a product which you like but don't know how to apply it to achieve the look you are after. This is my daytime evening-out skin tone for a dewy finish with a high SPF, for night time it is totally different in application and the products I use - of course it is I am a makeup obsessed freak!
Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 14 shade 2 $52.00 - Stila Correcting Concealer Shade B $37.00 -  Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush $39.99 (as part of the eye starter kit) - Clinique Air Brush Concealer Shade 2 fair $40.00 - Real Techniques Buffing Brush $44.99 (as part of the core collection)
Stila available from Mecca Cosmetica
Real Techniques Brushes available from Priceline
Dr Jart+ available from
Clinique available from

1. I start with Stila's Illuminating tinted moisturizer, this is not tinted at all its makes you slightly glowy and very dewy. Using a pea size amount rub it into your skin focusing on areas which are a little dry, for  me that is around my jaw line and near my ears and under my eyes.

2. I use the tiniest amount of Stila's Correcting Concealer and dot small amounts around the inner corner of my eyes for my dark circles and on any blemishes and then blend it in with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush. This concealer is quite thick so I avoid the outer area of my eyes where there are.....wrinkles and fine lines  *GASP*.....Because when I smile which is all the time it will crease and look cakey.

3. Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB cream, a little goes a long way with this stuff so only the tiniest amount will do for your whole face. I like to put a little of the product onto the tips of my index fingers and rub them together to blend the product before applying it to my face, because it is a water based BB cream sometimes it can separate.Then in circular rubbing and patting motions I apply it, blending especially well over any areas I have used concealer.

4. Light reflecting highlighters I am using Clinique's Air Brush Concealer, but I also like YSL's Touche Eclat which is good also. Using this type of highlighter is preferred method of highlighting, shimmering powders look a big old disco ball mess on me. Applying the pen on my cheek bone, brow bone and down the centre of my nose and blending out with my fingers.

5. Finally using dabbing motions I go over my face with the Real Techniques Buffing brush to blend and set all the products. I also like to blend around my hair line particularly well because I am fair product can build up and look really uneven.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Beauté Gazette LOVES Maison Balzac by Elise Pioch

I find it so incredibly tricky picking a candles to sit on your desk, bedside table or next to the bathtub. Firstly there are so many to choose from it seems there is a tsunami of candles on the market at the moment. You don't want a candle that everyone has or that has a scent which is over powering and un-naturally scented which are completely suffocating. Candles in your home should be individual and mimic the notes in your favorite perfume. 
My candle dreams and prayers have been answered! Maison Balzac Candles created by Elise Pioch are a unique and beautiful line of candles inspired by her memories of the South of France. 5 scents have been perfected by her perfumer to recreate the smells of the French Mediterranean.
Le Bois The Wood The warm perfume of an old wooden floor board.
L'Englise The Church The dreamy vapours of incense and burning candles in a church.
La Rose The Rose A french garden filled with sun and old fashioned Roses.
Le Soleil The Sun The raw perfume of the Sun.
Le Sud The South The authentic smell of Provence.

Maison Balzac Candles $45.00 each

I met Elise before she had her sea change and she told me about how she was creating a line of candles, knowing Elise I knew I would love them. She speaks with warmth and listens to you with genuine interest, when you are in her company it makes you feel special. With qualities like that you know whatever she sets her mind and heart to is going to be truly amazing. She was also lovely enough to answer 5 questions I had been desperate to ask her:

What scents are you drawn to and why? Does scent hold nostalgia? Are you drawn  to scents that bring back memories? 
I am in love with scents from the sea and the land. Sea mist, fresh fish, prawn head, oysters, sea weeds on the rocks... But also mushrooms in a forest, soil after the rain, thyme, rosemary, the bark of a pine tree. My parents took us hunting and gathering every week end so these smells are familiar and comforting.

What are your beauty treasures and treats? Are there any special products that you could not live without?
I don't use many products as I believe in natural basics: eating fresh food, drinking lots of thyme/ lemon/ honey tea, being happy and getting surrounded by the nature as often as possible. Of course I tried La Mer and La Prairie products, I don't mind miraculous help from the science!  At the moment I am using Carita serum and moisturizer, they smell like the sea! I could not go anywhere without my New York Red Chanel lipstick.

Current Obsessions?
Totally obsessed with Marni current Pre-Fall 12 in store now, my zucchini seedlings, FIP radio station and home made couscous. Ah also I am in love with Iris Apfel.

What is your favorite thing about what you do? In the process of your candles? 
In order to create my range of candles I have used every piece of knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my professional and personal life. Everything suddenly made sense. I particularly enjoyed the process to decide on a perfume, it is extremely poetic and subjective.

Who is your favorite beauty Icon? 
La belle in The Beauty and The Beast by Jean Cocteau.

Maison Balzac candles are available online from My Chameleon
Australian Stockists include: Belinda Stores, Blood Orange, Mark Tuckey, Laine, Poepke, The Corner Shop & Mariposa

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beauté Gazette : Just Another Manicure Monday : Going Dotty!

How cool are dots! They are a so simple and effective especially when using contrasting colours. So maybe I have been a little bit influenced by Yayoi Kusama and her excellent Louis Vuitton colab, dancing past the new LV store on George St I was drawn in by the un-uniformed dots and forms. Sometimes nails annoy me when they are all uniformed and matchy-matchy, the look too salon and prissy. Here is my interpretation of dotty dots. I LOVE THEM.
To get spotty dotty down, use a dotting tool you can find them on ebay for around $5.00 or so.

Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton

This post is dedicated to my favorite Dot, Dot Drabarek. xoxo

Friday, 7 September 2012

Beauté Gazette's Bodacious Beach Bag!

This week there was a sneak peak teaser of SUMMER! 
It was heaven to be laying on the rocks at Bronte, dancing in the fading sunlight on North Bondi Rocks and generally being a bodacious beach babe once again.
The sneak peak too me completely unawares and I was very unprepared, having tossed all my almost empty sandy beauty products from last summer I had to improvise for my 3 days of almost (500) days of SUMMER!
Here are the new products I am excited to pick up and some old favorites for the nearing Summer:

Benah Canvas Beach Bag $149.00
Could there be a more perfect beach bag like ever? I don't think so. Canvas bags are my favorites for the beach, you can pile everything in and if it gets dropped in a rock pool you don't freak out because you can just put it in the washing machine. Yeah beach fun with Benah!

Dr.Jart+ Water Based BB Cream SPF 27+ UVA/UVB US$42.00
This was a favorite last summer and I am bringing the Dr. Jart back this summer too. It is water based which I like for summer, oil based tinited moisturizers/foundations break me out  in hot weather because your pores are all open and breathing. The light base and high SPF makes it perfect for summer.
Available from

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon $42.00
This little tube is super versitile I like putting it on my cheeks for a flush of colour and also on my lips for a natural 'I've just eaten a redskin' colour vibe. It is very sheer and won't go patchy in the heat.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 70 approx $13.00
Perfect if you are by yourself reading a book at the beach the spray gets all those tricky spots you might not be able to reach. Its also not as stinky like other sunscreens.
Available from supermarkets and chemists

Nars Multiple in Laguna $64.00
The sister to Nars's famous Laguna powder bronzer, I am super excited to pop this on my cheek bones after a day at the beach on my way to get a piña colada with my friends.

Frank Ocean -  Channel Orange
On permanent repeat! 
Available on itunes

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara $12.00
Normally I like loads and loads of mascara, but at the beach its not really that big of a deal. Full 'N Soft gives your lashes a good coat of colour without making them crunchy and looking like tranantula legs.

Yes To Cumbers Facial Wipes $9.99
Sticky hands, sweaty face, dripping ice-blocks happen all summer long and they need a wet wipey. Maybe I am prematurely preparing for motherhood carrying around wet wipes, but I don't care at least I am not a sticky mess.
available from

Helen Kaminski Hampton Hat $185.00
I am totally obsessed with this hat! It is the perfect mix of Picnic at Hanging Rock and something you would wear to the beach in the 60's in Capri or some other Euro summer haven. This is on my 'Must lust buys for summer' list. The polka dot bow makes me weak at the knees it is so cute.
Available at David Jones

I was spotted doing a traditional native rock dance this week on Bronte Beach.
Wearing a Cynthia Rowley for Roxy onsie and having the time of my life.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Beauté Spritzing

Spritzing is a very frivolous step in a woman's beauty routine, a step which if anyone sees you doing it they will think you are a crazy lady who may own 15 or more cats.
As frivolous as it is, I could not live without my beauty spritzing! They make long haul travelling almost tolerable, cool and calm my hot face in summer heat, hydrate and tone my pores before bed and keep makeup looking dewy fresh all day long.
Here is my guide to spritzing to avoid fritzing!

MAC Fix + $27.00/30ml
At first I didn't know what to do with this, I tried to spray my face before applying makeup as a sort of priming toner which was a total disaster and caused my makeup slide right off my face. Then I reached for it by mistake and spritzed my face after applying my makeup and bam it was like a magic dewy fairy had waved a wand and given me the freshest skin in all the world. This is great if you want to change a matte finish foundation into a more dewy look to give a 'natural' makeup look.

Avéne Thermal Spring Water $22.95/300ml $17.95/150ml
It is french water in a can. Yes that's right. But I love this stuff! It is great for the beach or if you are going on a long walk where you are going to get all hot and red faced. Just a spritz of this and it brings down your temperature and cools everything down.
Also in summer I wear heaps of sunscreen and sometimes when you get hot it feels like the sunscreen is just melting into your pores and you are a big slippery mess, this counter balances it and brings your skin back to life.

Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist $24.00/30ml $35.00/50ml $39.00/100ml 
I love this as a toner, Rose is a natural anti inflammatory and has a slight antiseptic qualities. Keeping this by your bed and spritzing before night before your night cream is really refreshing and the scent is so sweet and calming also I used to keep this on my desk at work to spray throughout the day when the air-conditioning was taking its toll on my skin. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir $16.85/30ml $40.80/100ml
Nervous and stressed travellers this spritz is heavens sent, thank goodness! When you feel like you are going to crumble into a mess of tears after a 15 hour flight followed by a 4 hour layover in Singapore and all you have to look forward to is another 9 hour flight then a bus coach for 2 hours till your head falls on a lumpy hotel pillow there is only one thing that will help Caudalie Beauté Elixr. It smells like peppermint and essential oils which calm you right down and the formula is hydrating and makes everything in the world OK! 
available from

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bronze like a boss!

Ok I will admit it - my bronzing technique up until now has been a total disaster, going back through my facebook photos to un-tag I was coming across some real mis-matching head to body skin tone doozies. After a lot of practising and trying to find the perfect bronzer for my skin tone I think I have pretty much mastered it now. Here is my step by step bronzing guide:

1. Apply your base I am still very pale because it is still winter so I have used Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 52, it is a slightly matte finish which works well with powder bronzers. If you like a dewy finish then a cream bronzer would be better suited.

2. Oh there I am with my Real Techniques Blush Brush, this brush is great for bronzing because of the tapered brush head combined with the Stila Bronzing Powder in Shade 1 it is a match made in heaven for my fair skin.

3. When loading the brush with product use a very light hand to get the powder on the middle point of the brush hairs leaving the outer hairs clean, this will help blend the edges to give a more natural bronzed look rather than stripes of bronzer down your cheeks.

4. Using rounded sweeping motions apply the bronzer to your neck and jaw line first working up the face - This will ensure a matching neck and face. Next focus on the hollows of your cheek, making a fishy- face to make it easier to find them if you have chubby cheeks like me. Lightly around your temples and lastly blending up into your hair line on your forehead. To make sure your bronzing is seamless using a large powder brush blend the areas where you applied your bronzer.

5. Ta-da! Have you been to a health retreat in Hawaii? No I just learnt how to use my bronzer silly!


Real Techniques Blush Brush $24.00 available from

Stila Bronzing Powder in Shade 1 available from

If you have pale skin, most bronzers will be too dark for you try using a muted neutral blush as a contour shade like Mac's Gingerly or Harmony Powder Blush's $41.00.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nudie Rudie

Every girl is going to go nudie rudie at some point or another, whether it is for a job interview or add a glitter top coat because the thought of a lone nude nail depresses you far too much. Nude's are quite tricky to pull off, because you need the right nude for your skin tone otherwise you can look like you have no fingernails at all or worse mannequin hands! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!

Fairest maidens with skin of alabaster: Try a shimmery brown tone nude like Butter London's Yummy Mummy $22.00 this will warm up your skin tone and the slight shimmer will give your nails depth and elongate your fingers.

Fair to medium skinned babes: A grey based nude like Chanel's 559 Frenzy $38.00 will pop on your pinky fair skin, it is a trend based nude with a warm grey undertone and gives a duck-egg kinda shade not a traditional 'Blush and Bashful' nude as poor Shelby from Steel Magnolias would describe it.

Tanned Latina chicka's with skin of gold: Rimmel Pro Beige Style $8.95 would be spot on for you! A posh and proper nude which with a high gloss top-coat will give just the right amount of contrast between the nail and skin. 

Women of beautiful dark skin tones: Try Dior's Beige Safari $36.00, a cute as a button pink based nude will bring warmth and the pink undertone in the polish will lift your skin tone, it is a gorgeous colour for the right ladies.
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