Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's my Birthday and I'll Beyonce if I want to.....

See over there to the right of the screen there is a little down bar called ARCHIVES, I was looking through some older posts last night and realised.....It was Beauté Gazette's first BIRTHDAY in June. 

Starting Beauté Gazette was an idea I had while I was on a holiday in Japan with my friend Holly Hipwell. She had a cool blog (www.theflowerdrum.blogspot.com) , I'm sure you know it and if you don't then go and read it now! 
Anyway my beauty obsession was at a feverish high pitch level of excitement (it still is!) and I just wanted to write about all my favourite products and make funny GIFs and pretty collages......Now a year on and I am still inspired by so many different things, people and experiences. 

So in celebration let's all just have a Beyonce moment!

xxx Nella

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  1. Happy birthday Beauté Gazette! xx

  2. Thanks so much Clarissa! I've totally been loving your blog lately! xx Nella


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