Monday, 29 July 2013

Just like Honey......

My bedside table never looked so cute!

My favourite memories of being a teenager are always linked to perfumes, like when I was 14 and  every girl in my whole grade discovered Tommy Girl - the corridors and P.E change rooms were drenched in it's distinctive sticky sweet smell. Like when I saved all my money from my first job to buy a bottle of Gucci Rush, I was crazy for that plastic packaging! Like when my first boyfriend bought me a bottle Ralph Lauren Romance and gave it to me at the bus stop. 
Smelling a fragrance can unlock so many memories, when I first smelt Honey the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs I was flooded with everything sweet and good from my teenage glory days:

Spice Girls, watching Video hits and eating ice cream for breakfast, crop tops and hipster jeans, glitter eye shadow, Lancome Juicy Tubes, Romeo and Juliet at the movies, 5ive, my best friend Leigh Munday and I cutting out Hanson collages, pashing boys at the park and being home by 5.30pm, Alex Mac, Pocket money, Buffy, knowing my ICQ number off by heart, Nokia 5110's, Pizza Pockets, decorating my school diary in so many stickers there was no space to write home work, my beloved Clinque 3 step skincare routine and watching Now and Then on repeat during school holidays!

Honey is sweet and girly, it is what the coolest girl in school smells like, it is what you want to wear on your first date to the movies, it is my new favourite smell.

Honey by Marc Jacobs 30ml $75.00 50ml $120.00 100ml $160.00
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