Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jurlique's Clarity Hand Wash and Lotion

Jurlique Clarity Hand Lotion 500ml $80.00 and Hand Wash 500ml $45.00 available from Jurlique Stores, David Jones and

You know when you just want something really nice, you've probably been budgeting to pay an enormous amount of rent in Sydney, living on rice paper rolls and you are just feeling like 'Stuff it, I need nice things, I deserve nice things, I'm going to buy something nice for myself'. Well when this happens I recommend you go straight to Jurlique and pick up the new Clarity Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, it is the perfect amount of treat yo' self luxe for someone who has been living on a shoe string budget for a while. Or alternatively you can gift these bad boys to a very lucky person who will intern think of you every time they wash there hands.
There is not much I can say about the product other than its like any other Jurlique product : Beautifully packaged, biodynamic and Australian made and feels and smells like a little slice of heaven when you use them.
xx Nella
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