Friday, 19 December 2014

Beauté Gazette's Christmas Wishlist 2014!

ASOS Pearl Stud Earrings $14.95
When Rihanna wore the original Dior double pearl studs my heart popped out of my chest and I had 'love heart' eyes and I yelled internally 'gimme gimme' a'las the Dior double pearls are way out of my budget. So for $14.95 you can pick up the ASOS version which are totally budget friendly, and you wont have a minor heart attack if you accidentally loose an earring on the dance floor at your office Christmas party.
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Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow in Tutu $103.00
Oh you pretty thing. How divinely beautiful is this Christian Dior palette, the colours are perfectly angelic and like all Christian Dior shadows I'm sure they are soft, creamy and beyond blendible. I am hoping this ends up in my Christmas stocking but if it doesn't then I don't think i'll be able to resist picking it up because I NEED IT SO BAD!
Available from

Equipment Silk Pajama Set $501.00
Ok I know $501.00 is quite excessive for pyjamas but if you have a really rich Aunt or someone that doesn't know what to do with her millions then just email them the Equipment section of Net-a-porter and tell them to go bananas! Seriously. Or just put them on your forever lust list that you keep for when you win the lottery like I do.
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Bella Freud J'taime Jane Candle $55.00
#BBLOGGER confession time....I don't enjoy fruity floral candle smells, they make me gag and the packaging sucks and I don't want to look at it in my room. The Bella Freud candles are woody and musky just the way I like it and the jars look impossibly cool on your mantle.
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Stella McCartney Lips iPhone Case $55.00
I like my phone cases like I like my gay night clubs: Loud, obnoxious, brightly coloured and also massive. This Stella McCartney case ticks all my boxes and then some and I cannot wait to get weird looks from people on the bus whilst I'm using a big set of lips as a phone to take calls and send a million texts.
Available from

IAM by Ileana Makri 'I love you' ring with Sapphire $440.13
This ring is so kawaii I can hardly take it, and I need it on my fingers ASAP! Please Santa I've been saaaa good this year.
Available from

Clueless 20th Anniversary 2015 Calendar $14.95
No words.....Clueless is 20 years old.....I feel so old but I still this calendar above my desk for the whole of next year.
Available from

Pretzel Pool Float $24.00
Oh hey babes, what are you taking to the beach? Nothing much just an inflatable pretzel! Ummm yes please this is one amazing Christmas gift and I cant think of anyone that wouldn't want one, so if your stuck on what to get your whole family? Why not just buy one for each of them.
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Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Wavepool $8.00
Holy Mac! Floss Gloss make the prettiest nail polish in all the land/s, with no stockists in Australia Urban Outfitters is where I have to get my Floss fix. 'Wavepool' is my pedi colour of choice during the summer it is perfection.
Available from

So there is my Christmas wish list, I garentee you that not one of these will be wrapped up in pretty paper under my tree because usually I just recieve weird socks and useless cooking items. FYI you wanna know what is not on my list and noone elses in the world : A Cake Pop maker...They suck and just take up room in your kitchen cupboards.....
xx Nella
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