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Beauté Gazette I'm a kid of the 90's Top 3: Makeup, Fashion Fvourites, TV shows, Movies and Music

The 90's has been all kinds of popular lately, Tumlr has been blowing up with 90's appreciation, Instagram has been a wash with crop tops and space buns. So I thought as an actual kid of the 90's I would treat you to my 90's Top 3 : TV, Movie, Fashion, Make up and Music Favourites.

Alex Mack (1994 - 1998)
Everyday after school I would watch Alex Mack at 5pm on ABC, she was an all American 12 year old girl who got contaminated with slime from the power plant and then developed the power to melt into a puddle and spy on people, sneak into building and basically save the town. She also had a very snappy fashion sense and loved a hat!
Dawsons Creek (1998 - 2003)
Dawson and Joey, Pacey and Joey. The love triangle that took up most of my time in the 90's. At 8.30pm every Wednesday night on channel 10 I was glued to the TV watching Dawson's Creek, so that I could talk about the episode the next day in maths class with my friends. My favourite character was Aubrey who only features in seasons 5 and 6 played by Busy Phillips, she played Pacey's sassy girlfriend from the right side of the tracks.
Felicity (1998 - 2002)
Kerri Russel in Felicity was my style icon in the later part of the 90's she was classic and super beautiful even when she cut off all her hair. The Felicity and Ben saga dominated most of my thoughts and I also dreamt of getting cappuccinos at Dean and Deluca.

A never fail classic which has stood the test of time, who doesn't love a dinosaur in the modern age!
This is a lesser known 90's classic which is basically show casing Parker Posey being the coolest girl in the world. A New York party girl who falls out on her luck and then falls in love with the falafel guy whilst voguing at all the coolest clubs in amazing outfits.
Is Clueless making a comeback? Because it was never not the best movie ever made in my eyes! I saw Clueless at the movies in an actual cinema with my mum, I then studied it in English class and I have taken countless outfit inspirations from Cher Horwitz. If you have never seen Clueless what is wrong with you?!? 

Ulgy Prints and Crochet
The early 90's was all about really bad prints, awfully ugly prints and then I would layer them with some hideous crochet vest or even more gross a sleeveless denim jacket. Most of which were purchased from Target and I thought were just revolutionary on the style radar. Looking back they were clearly a mish-mash of really gross clothing items.
Bike pants
During the 90's I was really into skipping, like really into it. I went to state competitions for skipping, I could double-dutch like a pro! So the printed bike pant as well as being very practical for jumpin' some serious rope was also a hot fashion commodity in the school playground worn under school uniforms of course.
I LOVE SCRUNCHIES....that is all, I discovered them in the 90's and we have been together ever since! Check out @scrunchiesofinstagram if you to love to scrunch.

Lip Smackers
I had every flavour ever!!!! Watermelon and Grape were my faves but if you didn't have at least 3 in your school uniform pockets then you were basically nothing. It was the first makeup item I 'collected', Lip Smackers were my gateway drug to the beauty world, which has lead to a very expensive make up habit since the 90's. 
Clinque Powder
When I was about 15 I started wearing makeup and this meant powdering the shit out of my skin so there was not a single trace of shine. The 90's was all about a matte finish, and as an oily teenager getting the matte look meant loading on caked on amounts of Clinique Super Balancing Powder in Beige ivory.
Impluse Spice Girls Body Spray
This was in my high school backpack and the P.E change rooms wrecked of the distinct smell of Impluse Spice Girls Body Spray. It was a mixture of sweet candy and vanilla, and I loved it. What happened to body sprays? Are teenagers still into them? Because they were a really big deal.
Revlon Iced Mocha Lipstick
As a 15 year old white girl living in Sydney I was wearing Revlon Iced Mocha Lipstick...this is major LOLS! It is a dark brown with a silver frost finish, it did not look natural at all and why did I think it looked any good on my skin tone? Because it really didn't! I am baffled by this and there are some very questionable photos from school dances of me rockin' a frosty brown lip with about 300 mini butterfly clips in my hair.
Clean & Clear Essentials Self-Foaming Facial Wash
Having oily skin and pimples as a teenager sucked, all I wanted was oil free squeaky clean skin and Clean & Clear Self Foaming Facial Wash was my cleanser of choice. My cleanser today is usually an oil based or creamy and I wish my skin was lovely and oily, but in the 90's it was my mission to have the most matte skin possible.

Mariah Carey - Fantasy (1995)
TUNE! This is still a total jam and I play it at every party.

Brandy - Sittin' up in my room (1995)
Brandy was a real 90's phenomenon, she had her own TV show 'Moesha' and she had some great songs, then she ran someone over and her career kind of ended. Brandy just stay in the 90's you were great then.

Mandy Moore - Candy (1999)
YESSSS!!! Mandy Moore was the best, she still is! Did you know she is now a beauty blogger, I always knew we has something in common.

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