Sunday, 18 May 2014

Organic Oils for Oily Skin with La Mav

La Mav Pure Argan Oil $24.95 and La Mav Ultra Hydration Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar $49.95 available from

There is a common misconception that if you have oily skin then you should steer clear of all makeup and skin care containing oils, this becomes even more misleading with the amount of products slapping an 'Oil Free' slogan onto their bottles and targeting them to oil skin. Yes some oils can be too heavy for skin and cause break outs but what if I told you hand on my heart as a fellow oily-skinned woman that using oils on my face my skin has actually started producing less natural oils which cause makeup to slip slide away before lunch.
I started trialling products from La Mav about 2 years ago, the brand offers a variety of facial oils which are all 100% organic and targeted to specific concerns like anti-aging and hyper pigmentation. Over that time I have tried a various oils from all the lines, the Vitamin-C line has too many active ingredients for my skin and my skin was very sensitive too it. Having a reaction like this is very common when you are trailing natural products. But try not to worry about it, your skin is just telling you to try something else and ittakes time to find the right oil match for your skin. Once you find the right oil for your skin, you will know because the signs are easy to spot : Glowing! Radiating with health! and constant compliments! Are just a few of the effects that are quickly noticed.
The La Mav Organic Pure Argan Oil for day wear under makeup and the Ultra-Hydration Nightly Nectar for night time application are my current favourite day and night oils. Using them both combined on a daily basis my skin has dramatically changed my skin, it is less oily in my t-zone and has a more even hydrated feel and look. If you have combination skin, I would recommend experimenting with using natural organic oils to try and control your oily areas, it has worked for me and my skin feels amazing for it.

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