Monday, 3 March 2014

Quick Fix Facials are very affordable and also totally awesome!

Quick Fix Facials $8.95 each and are available through Woolworths Australia Wide for more info call 07 5564 6767

I love giving myself a facial at home, starting with an good double cleanse I then move on to my favourite step a face mask. If I have the time I will pop the face mask on and take a bath but I am usually buzzing about the house doing laundry, replying to emails or tidying up. Face masks are usually quite pricey with claims of transforming you in Jennifer Lawrence in just 30 minutes, packed with mind boggling ingredients that are usually from the dead sea or some sort of miracle mud. When really all you want is to improve the texture of your skin a little bit and add a little more moisture than usual.
Quick Fix Facials are AMAZING! My favourite is the Mega Moisture mask which works in just 10 minutes and when rinsed off with warm water and face fannel my skin feels plump and totally hydrated. The Mega Moisture Mask would be great to use once or twice a week if you work in an office with air conditioning that dries out your skin or after a flight to zap the moisture back into your face. The Anti-Blemish Mud Mask and Exfoliating Scrub Mask I prefer to use in the areas which need them rather than all over the face. The Anti-Blemish in my t-zone where I am most oily and the Exfoliating Scrub around my nose and chin where my blackheads are most noticeable.
The most exciting thing about the Quick Fix Facials line is the price they are only $8.95 and they really work, no huge price tag which for me created huge expectations. The packaging is slightly loud but it is definitely attention grabbing which is much needed when you are trying to find a product in the sea of white and pastel packaging on the shelves at Woolworths.

xxx Nella

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