Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CK One Color Mono Eye Shadows Review and Perfect Power Couple Colour Combinations.

 Ck One Color Mono Eye Shadows $30.00 each available from

As a beauty blogger you would assume I would be all over the eyeshadow game, right?!?  Wrong I couldn't be more of an armature. Having admitted this huge #bblogger eye shadow faux pas, I am endeavouring to concur my fear of eye shadow and learn how to 'define the eye' without being mistaken for Gina from The Real Housewives of Melbourne (CLICK HERE FOR LOL'S!). 
CK One Color Mono Eye Shadows are housed in the cutest little mod disc shape packaging, usually I am not into bulky packaging but the black and white disc feels like it keeps the eye shadow a little more protected, because it is only a matter of if and when your drop them. The shadows themselves are extremely soft and velvety smooth, the texture feels like a very high end product. When applying the shadows to my eyelids I found it was better to start with less and build up more colour where I wanted a more intensity rather than loading a ton of shadow onto your brush and pushing it around your eyelid. After I felt I had mastered the single shadow technique and the windscreen wiper blending motion I daring started experimenting with more than one colour....2 COLOURS! I know crazy right?!?
After watching many a YouTube tutorial and investing in some more blending brushes (I now own 6!) it was time to try out some combos, here were my favourites.


This was a very edgy classic 90's CK One poster child combo, I could imagine Rooney Marr rocking this combo smudged out and teamed with a black Givenchy punk gown. Fearless I used as a wash of colour over the lid, it is a very shimmery dark olive which would be beautiful on lighter brown eyes, then I took Muse along my lower lash line and finished the look with lashings of mascara and a some black kohl liner smudged on my waterline.
These two shadows look beautiful together, it creates a very pretty teenage dream shimmery 80's Brooke Sheilds vibe. Using Exposed I put a light dusting all over my lids blending into my inner corner and upto the crease, Empowered was used to give a subtle smokeyness to the outer corner of the eye. It is a very pretty combo and is great for making your makeup look polished with out trying too hard.
The most perfect coupling for a very natural and non OTT brown smokey eye. Ambitious is a pink toned shimmery nude which looks fab on it's own for a casual day time look, but adding Driven to the outer corner and lower lash line really makes blue eyes pop. I wore this combo for a night out with friends recently and my ego was inflated ever so slightly with the compliments I was given 'are you wearing contacts? Your eyes are so blue' 'Oh no its just I finally learnt how to do my eye shadow properly'

If you are an eye shadow pro and love to give a big dramatic shadow look eeerrr'day then you are going to love how pigmented and soft the CK One Colour Eye Shadows are, blending them is heaven. But if you are like me and are just excited about starting to add different looks and shades to your newbie eye shadow collection then I would definitely recommend trying them out too.

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  1. Really like this! I too have enough eye shadow to last the relax of my lifestyle. Eyeshadow is such a bargain! YAY! (I never use up anything - I just message it when I get fed up with looking at it or a sweeter kid comes along.)lovely colors...and excellent pigments... Thanks for sharingEye shadow

  2. Sanam, Thanks so much for your comment. I totally feel you, I am so lazy with my eyeshadows I need a good 'one trick pony' shade which just blends in with my fingers. xx


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