Monday, 25 March 2013

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is a work in progress at the moment, it is having its own extreme makeover of sorts - everything is going on colour, length the whole shabang!
So I thought with my hair overhaul I might switch up my routine and try a new shampoo and conditioner combo from Sebastian's Trilliance line. Taking my hair back to a more natural colour (ashy-strawberry-dark-blonde) it was lacking shine and softness from all the bleaching and toning. Within the first week of using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was looking and feeling AMAZING! 

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo: Very refining and removes any product build up, which for me is lots of dry shampoo and also hair oils which stick to the hair attracting dirt. This is all I want from a shampoo, to really clean my hair and not leave any residue which will way it down. 

Sebastian Trilliance Conditoner: I have never used a conditioner which actually makes your hair shine like ever. Applying it in the shower I generally leave it in for 3-5mins while I shave my legs or do other shower things, then rinse out by combing out any excess product with wide tooth comb. 

If I let my hair naturally air dry it doesn't frizz up, feeling weightless and falling into shape and not looking too out of control. After blow drying is when you can really see how shiny and soft your hair is from the Shampoo and Conditioner, glistening Twilight style in the sun. 

Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo $34.00 & Sebastian Trilliance Conditioner $36.00 available from selected salons for more info

xxx Nella

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