Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter and Happy Internet! xx

Easter for most people is four days of just hanging out at home watching movies, clearing out your wardrobe, baking those cookies you saw on pinterest, face masks in the bath and lots of uninterrupted Internet browsing.
Here are a couple of my favourite sites to inspire/procrastinate/spend money and generally stalk.

Illustrations of a bunny wearing runway looks.....CUTE ALERT. 

I totally read the news! If you want to track Kimye's bump on the daily and need to keep abreast with Harry Style's latest babe then Daily Mail is the news site for you.

Hannah-Rose is a Sydney girl after my own heart, she loves K-Jacques, baking and Maison Balzac Candles. Documenting snippets of her life with sweet and witty comments paired with very pretty pictures.

Tanja has an absolute dream wardrobe, everything she wears makes me want to save all my hard earned pennies up and blow them on a pair of silver leather Ellery hot pants or pair of Marni earings. Tanja is also a lovely and dear person, her posts are genuine and addictive....BTW she is as beautiful in the flesh and couldn't be sweeter.

My saved items list is generally around 30 items or so, that is the best thing about ASOS you can satisfy that shopping craving and buy a couple of things and save anything you are unsure of. Also the beauty section usually has UK products and brands which are hard to find in stores locally like Barry M and Eyeko. Here are a few things from my saved items:

Hope your easter is filled with endless Hot Cross Buns, Cadbury Cream Eggs and lots of internet.
Let me know what's in your ASOS saved I don't feel like such an online hoarder. 

xxx Nella
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