Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Rimmel : Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks

I'm no lippy snob, I do like a higher end cosmetic in general but that's usually because the packaging suckers me in. When seeing the Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate lippies in Kmart a couple of months ago I was blown away by the formula, it reminded me of the Mac Pro LongWear LipCremes. Applying they aren't the easiest, this isn't the type of lipstick you can pop on without mirror on the bus or through the cleavage Molly Ringwald styles in The Breakfast club. When buying a lipstick from a lower priced brand I do not expect miracles, I purely buy based on if I like the colour or if the advertising has really penetrated into deep parts of my brain. (Hello L'oreal Caress and Revlon Lipbutters  - I WANT EVERY SHADE!) 
So when trialing these out at home I quickly realised that if I wanted to commit to these as a long lasting all day colour that there needed to be some prep : a good lipscrub Lush Mint Julips $9.95 is a goodie, to get rid of any flakey skin and the follow up with a thick layer of lip balm which I wipe off before lipstick application.
Firstly apply a one coat of colour from the bullet to your lips it wont look neat, next push the product into your lips so it is blended out into all corners with your finger leave to set for about 10mins, Finally go in with the product on a lip brush to neaten up edges and deepen the colour. This should last till about your second tea/coffee of a morning or your 3rd cocktail at night, but then throughout the day/night I would reapply - with a mirror every so often.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate # 14 : A very mauvey-blue toned nude, if you have overly pigmented natural lips (Lucky cows!) then you will need to mute out your lips with concealer to get the full effect of this colour. Its a great nude if you have a tan or are down playing your lips with a dramatic eye.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate # 12: Hello Tropicana coral! I love this colour! Its an orange based red coral, it has no traces of pink. So if you like Mac's Morange - this is like its little sister you can wear in the daytime.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate #60: Blue based Raspberry full coverage colour, it makes your teeth look whiter because of the blue base - TIP! This colour is really great if you want a polished look with a bright lip, its more serious and grown up than a bright red and looks great with gold washed eye and cheek. 

These lipsticks are a cheap thrill ranging from $6.00 on offer at Kmart to $13.00 full price they aren't going to break your budget. My only drawback for them is that they are a bit tedious to apply for even the most experienced lipstick lover - you do need to take your time and not freak out if it smudges. If you are going out straight from work for a drink and need to pick up a bright lippy on your way then these are your babes.

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  1. I've got them lipsticks I love them so much enjoy yours :)


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