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Beauty Sleep! Lancome Renergie Nuit Multi-Lift Night Cream Review

Lancome Rénergie Nuit Multi-Lift $145.00 available from

Night creams are usually the wallet clincher in every woman's skin care routine, big price tags for very small pots of cream promising face lifts overnight. But are they really worth it? 
Usually a night cream will contain a more concentrated formula with higher amounts of the active ingredients which promote moisture and skin plumping, so they will generally hold a higher price tag because of the ingredients. Or just because they are like the prada of skin care.
Lancome's Rénergie Nuit Multi-Lift is the first luxury night cream I have ever used, usually one for some rose hip oil or a natural serum. When I think about Lancome night creams it conjures up very mumsy thoughts, and I have to admit the smell of this cream is a really full on powdery floral mum scent. 

So here is what Lancome promises Renergie Nuit Multi Lift will do to your skin and how I have found using it: 
- Unique firming and anti-wrinkle effect helps visibly smooth and plump skin
My wrinkles are still there, but my skin does feel plumper and more firm.

- Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s firmness
Is it just me or is this the same as the first line but just worded slightly differently hmmmm, yes my skin is firmer.

- Overnight, surface cell renewal is accelerated so skin looks reenergised and well rested
It depends, if I apply this cream and then have had 8 hours of good sleep then I wake up and look freaking amazing, glowing. But if i apply the cream at 2am after working for 14 hours and have a shitty sleep and wake up at 10am I look terrible. So yes if you use this cream and sleep 8 hours and exercise and eat right you will have beautiful skin, but like women this is a rare occurrence for me.

- Over time, skin is visibly tighter, smoother and younger looking
I want to have the best possible skin that I can have as a 29 year old, I am happy having 29 year old skin on my face and I would look pretty stupid with 12 year old skin on my face. My skin does feel smoother though, it's actually very soft and feels hydrated without leaving a gross film on my face that goes all over my pillowcases.

Does it work? Yes, it does work. It hasn't removed my wrinkles but it hydrates my skin plumping it up and leaving it very soft. I hate the smell of it, its very old fashioned and highly fragranced and I would not recommend this to anyone with active breakouts on your face. But if you have a spare $145 to spend on a night cream and are into a little luxury skin care then I would totally recommnend Rénergie Nuit Multi-Lift.
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  1. Awesome review! This product really does do great at moisturizing the skin, but I agree the claims can be far fetched. I also find this cream to be very soothing as it tightens up the skin nicely.


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