Friday, 1 November 2013

Beauté Gazette LOVES Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Kosema Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil $24.95 available from

Ever since Miranda Kerr blurted out her love for Rose Hip Oil it seems as if everyone has gone gaga over it, with women applying it overnight expecting to wake up with that Victoria Secrets glow. But with all skin care it does take time for your skin to adjust to using it and to really see the benefits of using a product. 
Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil is my absolute favourite, the story behind the brand and the quality of the product is why I would pick it over other brands on the market. The standard way to use Rose Hip Oil is to apply 2 - 3 drops at night as a treatment and 2 - 3 drops in the morning as a moisturiser BUT I have been using it in a few new ways:

- Mixing a few drops in with my foundation, it sheers out the coverage beautifully and makes the foundation glide onto the skin with fingers. Skip the highlighter babes, you will be naturally glowing.

- Adding a few drops to my body moisturiser to help any scars or abrasions heal.

- I am pretty much certain that Rose Hip Oil cleared up ingrown hairs on my bikini line.

- It is an amazing cuticle oil!

- Adding a few drops to a face mask, to boost hydration.

- To remove your eye makeup, especially liquid liners and waterproof mascaras. A few drops on your finger tips and gently massage your eyelids and makeup will lift away so easily.

I love a multi-purpose product and Rose Hip Oil it does everything and more! 

xxx Nella

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  1. Love it! I use it on my chest and in my hairline in winter (when it gets all urggggghh)! I love it for my dry hands too! Rose hip is a genius product.

    Luc x


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