Monday, 18 March 2013

Allergic Reaction Survival Kit... DO NOT FREAK OUT!

Waking up with a sore swollen face with a texture rougher than sand paper, my eyes red filled with gunk and not to mention wanting to itch and scratch my face off - was not pleasant. I'm not sure what exactly caused the allergic reaction which started on Saturday morning but it was the type of reaction that is typical when your skin freaks out from a topical product. Meaning it was one of bazillion products I apply to my face or hair on a daily basis, sometimes you can have an allergic reaction from a product which doesn't normally effect you because your hormones are a little askew that day too.
So what next? This is my Survival Guide to having an Allergic reaction:

1. See your doctor! I was told to take Claritine for 5 days to alleviate itching and swelling.

2. Stop using any skin care which is high in fragrance and exfoliants. Stick to gentle products which nurse your skin back to health wont sting and irritate your poor face even more. Uriage Toléderm products are so soothing and feel like heaven on itchy skin.
Uriage Hydra Soothing Creme $39.95 & Uriage Toléderm Cleansing Water $29.95 available from 

3. Eye creams and Lip balms really irritate me when my skin is freaking out trusty Lucas Paw Paw Ointment saves my skin and the day again! Dry sand paper skin is the worst, especially around your eyes. Before bed I have been lathering on Paw Paw Ointment all over my eyes and lips, sounds gross but trust me it works and in the morning they are far less itchy and red.

4. If you are feeling really dry and crusty try massaging some Avocado oil into your face, it is very mellow and the heat from your fingers will help melt the oil into your sore skin.

5. No MAKEUP! You read that correctly.....Yes learn to love your bare naked face, it should clear within 7 days so save up all your fanciest Tom Ford products and go crazy when your face has cleared up.

xx Nella

Have you ever had an Allergic reaction to a product? Let me know...

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