Thursday, 21 March 2013

Autumn Edit : EVO, Becca, Bare Minerals, The Balm & 1000Hour Eyebrow tint


EVO Mane Perscription Protein Treatment $25.95
After a long summer of sun and salt water swims my hair isn't feeling its finest at the moment, it needs a little TLC and some intense masks! This treatment from EVO is an 'intense protein re-constructor, the more it is used the stronger your hair gets' - HELL YES! Also I am growing out my 'LOB'  - Long Bob and it is at a stubborn length which it is refusing to grow past, hopefully this treatment will give my hair a good kick in its butt to hurry the fudge up!
Evo is available from

Becca Resurfacing Primer $55.00
Have you ever seen those poor little penguins that have been affected by an oil spill? Well thats my face by about 11am at the moment...Oil slick city. Pores are in overdrive, I am hoping the REALLY dewy look will catch on sometimes soon. But alas my only hope I feel maybe a this primer which contains 'oil absorbing polymers' - Cool story Becca. After the disapointing Becca mascara fail of 2013, this primer better blow my socks off. I'm going to go and rub the tester in David Jones half way up my arm tomorrow just to make sure I want to part with 55beans for this pricey primer.
Becca is available from

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Quad in The Next Big Thing $39.44 
Wowzers this Quad looks so pretty, it the colours are perfect for blue or green eyes. Spying it on Temptalia a little while ago I fell hard! This is her description of the 4 shades : The Rising Star (sunlit gold),Smash Hit (vibrant peach), Hoopla (glowing copper), and Ensemble (smoked-out plum). WANT! NEED! GOT TO HAVE! Bare Minerals is one of those brands which prices vary from stockist to stockist it is $39.44 at the moment on Feel Unique at the moment with 15% off but sometime ASOS has a 20% off coupon and sometimes Kit Cosmetics is about the same, so it is worth shopping around a bit.
Bare Minerals is available from and 

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer $24.00
Highlighters are a big deal in the beauty world at the moment, like BIG! Its totally trending. The problem I have with highlighters is that they do not have any longevity, when layered over a blush or a bronzer they take the colour pigment of the blush/bronzer off as they wear off. I have swatched the Mary Lou Manizer a couple of times and it has by far got the best lasting power, so I think she will be brightening up my face very soon.
The Balm is available from

1000Hour Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint $15.20
You know how I just told you highlighters are a big deal? Well Eyebrows are an even BIGGER deal! The biggest deal like ever.....probably since the Blue Lagoon came out and you spied Brooke Sheilds bushy brows. Now there is Cara Delvingne giving us all brow-envy, how dare she! My brows are naturally blonde and non-exsistant, no need to pluck or wax. Sad. Anyway I have started dying my eyebrows and my friend Alyssa's eyebrows and anyone else who will let me near there eyebrows with this little pack, it is very easy to master and lasts about 2 weeks before needing a touch up. I feel I have gone from zero to almost hero in the brow department for the moment that is.
1000Hour Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint is available from

What is on your WANT! NEED! LUST! GIMME! Autumn List? Let me know....

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