Friday, 9 November 2012

Neon Orly Mani's at Edwards and Co

Having the blondest of blonde hair takes a lot of maintenance, like A LOT! I am at the salon having my roots bleached and lifted, then toning and trimming religiously every 6 weeks. It is a 4 hour session minimum, as a hyperactive chatty cathy I was so excited that Edwards and Co now has an in house manicurist! The amazingly talented and lovely Fiona - Australian Ambassador and Creative Director for ORLY. Instead of sitting there flicking through magazines wanting to scratch my burning scalp off I was distracted and pampered by Fiona giving me a very luxurious manicure.

I decided on half moons using nudes and neons, a design which I always mess up when trying to attempt them at home. I cannot tell you how much of a treat it was having someone else do my nails - usually I am in Fiona's position. The nude base is ORLY 'Glow' - which I am obsessed with and need to have in my collection ASAP it is the perfect balanced nude. Half-moons are my preferred two-toned design it elongates your nails, rather than a tip which on shorter nails just makes your nails look even shorter. I couldn't choose between ORLY's Beach Cruiser (pink) and ORLY's Glowstick (neon yellow) so I had both. Too much? As if! 

Manicures aren't the only cute distraction at Edwards and Co....Meet Cash, Jaye's adorable puppy who scamppers around the salon getting lots of pats and cuddles from clients.

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Edwards and Co
9212 7516
Level 1/255 Riley St Surry Hills

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