Thursday, 16 August 2012


 Bored of neutrals? ME TOO! Maybe I have been listening to way too much Azealia Banks....Fantasea mixtape is really great! Also I am planning on eating 1 million Hot Wings tonight and so a bright lip really wouldn't have cut it.

Bright liners and eye colours are popping up everywhere at the moment from YSL's Pure Chromatics new dry to wet palettes to Maybelline colour tattoo's and if you don't want to invest in the trend try using a super soft lip liner.

Start by evening out your skin tone with a light coverage foundation, you don't want to cake it on because there is a fine line with this look which could take it over the edge to synchronised swimmer makeup. 

Conceal any blemishes, and lightly fill in your brows, I skipped any bronzer and blush but if you want apply a minimal amount of bronzer then just use a really light hand when you do so.

Make sure your coloured liner is super sharp and warm it up on the back of your hand with a scribble, if you are using a pot cream shadow use a fine eyeliner brush to make sure you can thicken the line. Line your upper lash line with a thick line of colour no wing or fancy shit needed a simple line is enough when your are going for a bright.

To finish up tight line your upper water line with black Kohl liner and apply lashings of mascara. 


And for the best HOT WINGS in Sydney Do The Dip at Good God
55 Liverpool St Sydney.

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