Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Revlon Whimsical

Blue and Pink or Boys and Girls is one of my favorite colour combos. Its sickeningly sweet and cheesy  -  but that's my style sometimes. The big baller in this combo is Revlon's Whimsical, a baby blue jelly base with large pink and blue hexagonal glitter as well as smaller iridescent spray glitter pieces. To apply Whimsical on its own it would take 6 or so coats to achieve the opacity it looks in the bottle.
If you applied Whimsical over a lighter base the blue jelly base would show up a little more I suppose. Maybe I am just not good with subtlety? Its just that with all the amazingly dense glitter polishes on the market now Whimsical feels a like the puney kid that gets picked last for the basketball team. Step your game up Revlon!

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