Saturday, 5 July 2014

My favourite products to give yourself the best home manicure ever!

ORLY Nailtrician and Cutique $19.95 each available from  Out the Door Top Coat $10.95 available from Sally Hansen Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover $5.45 available from Rational Anti-Aging Hand Cream available from

Let's face it weekly nail salon visit are too costly and time consuming for most of us, but here are my fave products to give yourself the best home manicure ever, the only thing missing is the massage chair and foot spa.

This is the only treatment base coat that has made any difference to my nails, the nail surface is smoother and they are definitely stronger. TIP: If you are only wearing this on your nails to strengthen them then sealing with a topcoat this helps the nailrician stay on your nails longer.

The best way to start any manicure is to clean up your cuticles, I mean really clean them up! It helps polish last longer and looks a lot neater. Cuticle removing gels are a great way to treat cuticles at home, simply apply to your nail beds leave on for 10mins or so and then push cuticles back with an orange stick. There will be little gross bits of skin that will come off when you do this, which is a good thing. 

Top Coats have become one of the most important steps in a manicure, they are the not-so-secret finishing stage which allows you to achieve high gloss gel like nails. It's very easy to distinguish between a good and bad top coat, for me the deciding factor is dry time if your nails aren't touch dry in 10mins then it is crap. Out the Door and Seche Veit are the two most popular in the professional nail game, but if you cannot get your hands on these then Revlon's Gel Top Coat is a great easy to find very comparable alternative.

This is my go to remover, it isn't as potent smelling as other brands, I use a Non-Acetone remover on regular polish and straight up 100% Acetone to remove gel or shellac polish. 

This very extravagant hand cream is my new fave, it isn't too heavy on the fragrance and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy. The best advice I can give you is to carry and hand cream with you in your hand bag or in your car that contains SPF, when driving your hands are always in direct sunlight and UVA rays go through glass ageing your hands with sun damage. To avoid horrible age spots on your hands apply your SPF hand cream every time you get in the car.

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  1. I need a proper at home manicure at the moment. Loving your picks, and am intrigued by the Out the door top coat, it looks so cool X


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