Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Top 3 : Hair Masks feat. Goldwell, Kérastase and Schwarzkopf

If your hair is anything like mine : colour damaged, sun damaged, fine and tangled and prone to breakage then you will know the necessity of a good hair mask to nurse it back to health.
A hair mask or masque if you want to get all fancy about things, needs to tick a few boxes for me to continue to using it:
* The Wash Out : A hair mask needs to be able to be completely rinsed out of your hair and not leave any kind of residue in your hair once it's dried.
* Roots To Tips : You should notice a difference in your hairs texture from the root to the tip.
* Lasting Power : The improvement in your hair should last the duration between mask applications and not just until you wash your hair next.
Here are my Top 3 favourite Hair Masks which have been rescuing my tired locks lately.

Goldwell Blonde & Highlights 60 Sec Treatment $20.95 available from

I love being a blonde even though the 6-8week visits to my colourist drives me crazy, I can't stop and I won't stop being a blonde. Goldwell's 60 Sec Treatments are available across all the formula's but 'Blondes & Highlights' is obvs' my favourite, it is a very thick gluggy mask which I apply in the shower and leave on for the duration of the time it takes to shave my legs. It feels very nourishing to the hair and coats each strand even in my half arsed attempt in rubbing it into my scalp. If I feel my hair is lacking shine or looking a little brassy this is the mask I reach for, when my hair is dry the lighter highlights look glossy and pick up natural light like a freakin' crystal.

Kérastase Resistance Age Recharge Firming Gel-Masque $41.10 available from

If you have ever had a bad bleaching or dying experience whether it be at home or at a salon, you know what I mean when I say 'HOLY BREAKAGE HELL' your hair is so weak afterwards and just snaps off. Kérastase is a pretty fancy brand but in my experience if you need a product to do specific thing like strengthen then it is worth paying a little extra knowing it will work. I would advise going into a salon which stocks Kérastase and ask about what products would help your hair. For me it is the Resistance range, the Age Recharge Firming Gel-Masque strengthened my hair back to a normal state. It is a gel formula which needs to be left on the hair for about 1 hour, the best way to apply it is post shampoo pre conditioning, so mid shower get out and apply the mask put a shower cap on and do the vacuuming or watch YouTube for an hour or so and then get back in the shower rinse and condition. The effects of this mask take a while to take effect, and I was patient and used the mask weekly for 2 months,  noticing small changes weekly but by the end of the month...wowzer's hello healthy hair!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir Treatment $8.99 available from

Ok so confession time when I first tried this mask I was so obsessed with it I used it everyday as a conditioner, is that bad? NO! My hair loves this stuff, it makes your hair super soft and shiny without taking away natural body and texture. Also this is the ultimate de-tangler, if you have fine knotty hair then apply this in the shower and comb through with a wide tooth comb and knots be gone!
It is also affordable and convenient to pick up when you are doing your weekly shop, so if you are looking to try out a mask for the first time then I would totally recommend starting out with this Schwarzkopf beauty.

xxx Nella

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