Monday, 30 September 2013

Summer Skin Special : 3 Must have beach essentials

From left to right: Korres After Sun Cooling Lotion €22.00, Neutrogena Beach Defence $13.59, Uriage Thermal Water $26.95

It was still only 17 degrees in the water yesterday and it has been taking all of my dutch courage to jump in the water so most of the time I lay on the rocks lapping up the sun, warming off any winter vibes that are still lurking in my bones.
Today I spent the afternoon at Coggee in a special spot, Wiley's Women's Baths. It is an area of the headland designated for women ONLY- Keep out boys! Packing my favourite Benah beach bag I was excited to use my 3 essential beach must have products.....

Korres After Sun Cooling Yoghurt:
When I was little I got really sun burnt on a summer holiday at Currawong. I was laying on a blow up tire ring face down with a snorkel on watching fish for hours as a result my bum got so burnt it blistered and then I had to lay on my tummy for 2 days. Mum put Greek yoghurt on the burn and I still remember it being the most soothing sensation on my boiling hot legs. So when I saw the Korres After Sun Cooling Yoghurt I had to try it. Even if you aren't sun burnt but your skin goes red and blotching from the sun this cream is magic, removing redness and cooling hot skin.

Neutrogena Beach Defence Water and Sun SPF 50:
A little PSA (Public Service Announcement) : Sunscreen has an expiry date and it's usually within the year of purchase, so if you are lugging sunscreens from last year to the beach with you then go and buy a new one and make it SPF 50! Neutrogena's new Beach Defence Water + Sun Barrier Spray SPF 50 is my new ultimate beach accessory, it is so light because of the aerosol can so you have no excuse not to pack it in your beach bag. It sinks into the sun so quickly without being greasy, it is also super easy to spray onto hard to reach places.

Uriage Thermal Water Spray:
For the French Thermal water is considered a pharmaceutical remedy to treat psoriasis and eczema and I totally agree that it as amazing healing qualities. Uriage Thermal Water is such a versatile product for me, it sets my makeup giving me dewy glowing skin and when I get hot and bothered in the sun a little spritz calms me right down.

Photos taken at Coggee Beach 3.30pm Monday 30th September at Wiley's Women's Baths

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