Monday, 1 April 2013

What's in my bag: Fashion Week Essentials

Next week is MBFW?!?! That is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in Sydney. I will be attending a few shows to cover beauty and hair trends to share with you dear readers and also do a lot of people watching. I am a little nervous about the week long event, so organising myself with lists and pre-packing my handbag is making me feel a little more at ease. Here are my essentials which will be seeing me through the week, I want to be more prepared than a girl scout going to camp!

Mason Pearson Junior Bristle and Nylon Brush $115.00
Once you Mason Pearson you will never go back, I hate all other hairbrushes. The difference is that when you brush your hair the bristles grip your hair and distribute natural oils and any product from the roots to the tips and it just makes your hair look 'done'. They are pricey but they do have the royal seal of approval, worth it.
Available from

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Spray $7.99
French water in a can, calms my nerves. A spritz after applying makeup gives a dewy glow to the skin to avoid the cakey look.
Available from

Beauté Gazette Business Cards
Just in case! If you have a blog please get yourself some business cards, they are super useful when you are at events and meeting people.

Because I don't want to sneeze on any fancy fashion people.

Fashion might give me a headache.

People in the fashion industry are usually quite thin, so I am unsure about sustenance over the week. I am also contemplating packing some protein bars and spacefood sticks.

Chuppa Chups
Same same, I'm sure at that 3pm daily slump fashion people just pop the champagne and Ciroc but I am packing Chuppa Chups.

Benah Kodi Bag $580.00
I LOVE BENAH! This bag is the cutest and just fashion enough to not feel judged and eyed off by all of the Celine and Chanel bags during the week.
Available from

Dries Van Noten X Linda Farrow Sunglasses
A little Anna Wintor and a little nap time, if it all gets too much I will just have some shut eye behind my glasses.
Available from

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal $66.00
Having such a small bag is limiting....So I am busting out the trial size products. This product is instant glowy dewy healthy full of life in a tube. Pat around the cheekbones, temples and cupids bow and you will look 10% more like a Victoria's Secret Model.
Available from

Stila Perfecting Concealer $37.00
What if I get a stress pimple from all the fashion?
Available from

Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit $42.00
Dewy cheeks, check! Its all about a bold dark lip so I am toning down the blush.
Available from

Revlon Grow Lucious Mascara $21.95
Woah! Hello lashes! This big fat mascara wand gives you mega full on lashes in seconds. It is the only mascara I have found which is comparable to Make Up For Ever's smokey lash.
Available from

Loreal Shine Caresse in 200 Princess $19.20
After fiddling around with these, I have decided that I like them over the top of a lipstick to act as a long wear gloss.
Available from

Topshop Lip Pencil in Surrender $13.00
Hi vampy trampy lips.....a colour that I have been scared of wearing but my boyfriend is out of town and the fashion folks will totally get it.
Available from

Kiki K Diary $19.95 and Pen
I am one of those people that no matter how many ical's and google calanders I have I still need to physically write something down to remember it.
Available from

Pentax Camera
My trusty Pentax Optio is takes great photos and is very compact but if there is a camera fairy godmother reading I would really like the Pentax Q10 in Silver...pretty please.
Available from

I will be updating you all on my fashion adventures constantly via Twitter and Instagram all the links are below.....Wish me luck!

xxx Nella
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