Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Romance Was Born

 1. Installation by Pip and Pop (Tanya Schultz) made of sifted and dyed sugar 2. The set in a pre show neonglow 3. Finale

The Romance Was Born 'Mushroom Magic' SS14 show was phenomenal, it played out all my pastel-phsyc dream sequence fantasy's. Walking into the huge cavernous show space a glowing set of miniature sugar cities were set a glow and came to life as the lights went up and the show started from then on I was hypnotised with the grandiose spectrum of colour and and creativity shown. Hopefully this show proved even the slightest Romance Was Born critic wrong, Anna and Luke created a well rounded precise collection.

Top 3 Looks : Sequin Encrusted Babushka look, Caterpillar doona coat with chiffon bell sleeves, Tahlita Getty Kaftans Coat pant suit.
Exploring the realm of 70's psychedelia seemed to come very naturally to Romance Was Born, trippy tonal prints ranging from Moroccan colour palettes to pastels and some down the rabbit hole Cheshire cat references - it was a friendly high. Shapes mimicked some of my favourite fashion icons amazing Tahlita Getty Kaftan Coats and slim leg pant suits (MY FAVOURITE LOOK OF THE WHOLE SHOW!), Penelope Tree sheer chiffon bell sleeves nipped at the wrist, floaty tired dresses with pearl encrusted collars which I was absolutely obsessed with. This collection was brilliant, and I have a wish list a mile long for the pieces I am going to order.


Hair: Alan White for ghd
A rainbow of pastel coloured mushroom pixie bob wigs the base and adornments such as sprouting flowers and martian antennas were added on top were created by Hair Stylist Alan White for ghd. Each wig was hand dyed, cut then styled to match the look the model was wearing - none two were the same. The hours of work would have gone into each wig and the finished result was impeccable and very very cute.

Makeup: Val Garland for M.A.C
Legendary Val Garland designed the makeup looks for Romance Was Born, previously known for the amazing makeup at Vivienne Westwood shows and also collaborating with Lady Gaga. Like the hair each model had a different makeup look designed around the outfit, although there were strong themes that did run through the makeup design:
-Bright opaque colours using pigments, creams and pencils to create opaque colour blocked areas of the face
- Appliques, pom poms attached to lashlines, sequins and heavy layers of glitter.
- Exaggerated features, over drawn larger than life eyes, stuck on lips using card and big pigmented yellow cheeks.
I was super excited about seeing the makeup up close and ran backstage afterwards to admire Val's work, it was a dream come true to see Val's visionary makeup looks and I couldn't think of a better fit than her working with Romance Was Born.

xxx Nella

COMING UP TOMORROW: Jayson Brundson & Alice McCall

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