Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl's & Blue Pole by Jackson Pollack

Ok so this stuff is meant to be a miracle worker, I have heard people praise the little blue glass bottle saying it contained magic oil which would cure all my skin problems. Sucker much? Yes I am.

For the past year I have loved introducing oils into my night time skin care routine, The Trilogy Rose Hip Oil was very thick and super Hydrating, La Mav's Nectar Serums are fantastic and you skin feels plump by morning. With Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate it just feels like nothing much is happening......like nothing at all. Applying a pea sized amount of the oil to my face it is absorbed super quickly within 5 minutes it is as if I haven't even applied a moisturizer. This didn't appeal to me, at night time I don't mind going to bed lathered in oils knowing they will slowly be absorbed throughout the night - no one is going to see me oil slicked up, so it really doesn't matter. By morning I was expecting to be a glowing beacon of radiant skin, I wasn't. Dry patches still there, yep. The colony of pimples on my chin region, still there. Dark circles, still dark. Nothing much was changing, and my skin didn't feel plump and hydrated at all.

For me Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is my version of most peoples perception of Blue Poles, I don't get it. What's the fuss about?

Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate 30ml / $59.00
Available from www.kiehls.com.au and selected David Jones stores

xxx Nella

p.s I totally get Blue Poles.

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  1. I purchased this at the start of April and have been using it religiously every night. I thought it would help my dry skin...unfortunately, it has made it worse. I tried doing research to figure out why and I'm finding that the lavender oil inside the concentrate may be the culprit. I'm so bummed this didn't work for me. I'll be returning it. Any suggestions on a better nighttime serum?

  2. Hi! I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for the tip about lavender oil. I'm going to try the Clarins hydra-quench this week. Also trilogy Rose Hip oil is beautiful if you like something more natural. Let me know how you go finding a new serum. Thanks for the comment. Xx Nella


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