Monday, 15 April 2013

Jayson Brundson

1. I survived MBFWA fueled by the power of Diet Cherry Coke 2. A model with a glowing super power 3. The Finale

By this point it was mid week and with most of my friends stuck in bed with hangovers or unable to scramble from Ellery in time to make it back to Carriage works in time to make the Jayson Brundson show, I was on my own. Pre-show I waited around browsing Twitter and stalking instagram minding my own business and the all of a sudden 'Mega Barbie' Jennifer Hawkins is right in front of me like so close I could smell her fake tan. She obviously was not talking to me and I was in her way some how - I was sitting on a chair in a waiting area?!?! So I moved. Everyone is very very important at fashion week and also very very rude at fashion week.
Top 3 Looks: 1.Cocktail jacket with a patent leather pencil skirt- yes please!  2. A very 90's spaghetti strap loose shift dress 3. This dress looked a lot more voluminous on the runway and the satin sleeved upper was really cute very 60's.

Jayson Brundson was a show that I wasn't expecting to enjoy as much, but it blew me away mainly due to the very wearable and chic styling. Lots of shiny sliver flats worn with evening dresses and pencil skirts which immediately made me feel like there was a shift with the label to a more younger and fashion aware market. The patent leather pencil skirt was my favourite piece. it was paired with evening coats and also under longer box cut kaftan's which looked ah-maze-zing! By the end of the show Jayson had won me over....Jennifer Hawkins had not!

Joh Bailey for TRESemmé
 Hair was slicked back with a very gloss finish to the back of the neck giving the illusion from the front that the hair is up, the rest of the hair was left unglossed and natural falling to the back and brushed out creating natural static. It was a very simplicitic look but very effective, the gloss finish emphised the shine and textured used in the collection.

Nicole Thompson for MAC
A simple sheer base using Mineralized Moisture Fluid Foundation and nude lips helped make the eyes pop, it was all about the eyes. Eyebrows were exagerated taking them higher in the arch and longer in the tail filled in with powder shadows and pencils. Eyelids were washed with silver shadow, then liner was very thick and smoked out with emerald shadows, the flick was diagonal rather than slanting upward giving it a very futuristic-vibe.

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