Wednesday, 6 February 2013


1. FLOWERS - The Flower Drum By Holly  Hipwell
It would be breaking all the rules for lovers if flowers weren't given on Valentine's Day. I used to get jealous of this girl in my old office, Candice. Anyway Candice would get these use bouquets on Valentine's Day....they were for the most part hideous packed with long steamed roses and gerberas and were massive like bigger than my desk, they had to be put in reception - eeeewww BUT shit I was so jealous of her and so was everyone else, because girls want flowers on Valentine's Day! 
My friend Holly Hipwell makes the most prettiest of posies and will for sure make your sweetheart feel like a million bucks with her blooms

Here is Holly's official unofficial colored rose giving guide:
• Red: I love you. I want to make out with you.
• Yellow: I think you’re awesome, lets be friends.
• White: I think you’re amazing, and I’m amazing too, so let’s be amazing together.
• Light pink: I wanted to give you the sun and the clouds in the sky, but I couldn’t, so this will have to do.
• Orange: I’m secretly in love with you and want to smell your hair, but you don’t know that.

or email Holly directly for any special Valentine's Day Orders:

2. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S - Cremorne Orpheum Cinema
Going to the movies is classic romantic, when the lights go down there is nothing better than holding hands and making out in the boring parts. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies ever and to see it on the big screen will be so exciting. At the Orpheum there will be an organist playing classic love songs before the movie starts....As if it couldn't get any more cheesier and excellent
Check your local cinema's for classic movie screenings on Valentine's Day.

3. PAMPER HAMPERS - Pamper Hamper Gifts
If you cannot be with you Mon Cheri this Valentine's Day why not send them a little love hamper, it lasts longer than flowers and is the perfect if your love has allergies to pollen. Valentine's Day isn't strictly for lovers.....Why not send some love to your Mum or single girlfriends? Pamper Hampers are filled with everything from Glasshouse Candles (HINT!!! Girls flipping love stinky candles) to wine and you can even go all out to the Ritz with Missoni Towel sets and bottles of Verve!

Prices Range from $56.00 - $310.00 

4. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
I generally don't like people that don't like chocolate, what's wrong with them?! If you want to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Valentine's Day then you totally can, it's fine. Buy in bulk and pretend you have a boyfriend who was really generous - share them around the office and everyone will be your best friend and you might get a real boyfriend.

5. PICNICS - Sydney Picnic Co.
Fancy shamancy restaurants on Valentine's Day are really up tight and weird, they usually have a degustation (disgustation!) menu full of sexy foods like oysters....there is nothing sexy about oysters they taste like snot and who wants to make out with someone who is eating snot out of dirty shells? Picnics are super fun and pretty romantic especially if you bring lots of Champagne. If you are a busy career driven woman who has no time to mess about picking the perfect fromage leave it up to the picnic experts....Yep there are picnic experts! The Sydney Picnic Company will pack you up the cutest picnic ever and you will be all set! 

The Valentine's Day Picnic $210.00 includes Organic L'Ancienne Sourdough & Peach, Prosciutto, Buffalo Mozzarella Salad & King Prawns & Chargrilled Beef with Salsa Verde & Bucge d'Affnois with Marinated Figs & White Chocolate, Pistachio, Strawberry Pots with Morrocan Rose Syrup

If you are stuck for ideas of where to throw down your picnic rug, Time Out has made a pretty good list : HERE!

6. BUBBLE BATHS - Lollia
Babes love baths especially when they have lots of bubbles and sweet smelling oils that leave your skin all soft and silky. The biggest babe of them all Oprah - loves herself a bubble bath and when she was banging on about Lollia on one of her 'Oprah's Favorite Things' shows where she just goes nuts, she LOVED this bubble bath and because she is basically my new Princess Diana anything she says I do. And guess what I LOVE the bubble bath too. If Valentine's Day has all been too much and you just want it to be over with for another year, take a god damn bath and C.T.F.O!

Relax Evening Bubble Bath US$34.00

Ok so I am a little obsessed with Valentine's Day, even when I didn't have boy-babe to spend it with. It's a whole day when you can wear pink and just be silly and giddy all day drinking champagne /eating chocolate and texting your friends about what silly romantic stunt their boyfriends have tried to pull.

Feel free to email your significant other's/husbands/boyfriends/crushes/secret admirers this list of Valentine's Day ideas and you are bound to have the best day ever!

xoxo Nella

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