Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wax Away with Parissa

Parissa Body Sugar 2 in 1 Roll On $19.99 and Wax Strips $12.99 and Available from www.priceline.com.au

It is peak bikini time with every chance I get I am at a Beach, Bay or Pool with friends or laying in the sun reading a trashy 'beach read'....Side note my friend Fleur gave me Kyle Richards 'Life is not a Reality Show' for Christmas and I have not put it down - if you are a Real Housewives fan don't deny yourself this treasure. 
Preparation for this time of the year when you are socializing in less fabric than your underwear can be very intimidating and painful. I would advise getting a professional bikini - I go to Leah's Wax Works in Sydney, City - wax every 3 weeks and then touch up myself at home when and where needed.  For at home touch ups I have been loving Parissa line of products, they are all natural and most importantly very easy to use.
The Body Sugar 2 in 1 Roll-On is great for lower bikini line, sometimes after a professional wax they miss a spot or just don't take enough hair off so I have been using this at home to get rid of the last of those pesky hairs. It is a strip wax, so after rolling it on you use a fabric strip to pull the hair out and then the fabric strips can be washed and re-used. Every woman needs one of these in there bathroom cabinet, seriously the shame and embarrassment of being caught between wax's is a thing of the past. 
Parissa Wax Strips and perfect for travel easily packed into your toiletries bag - just in case. I gave some of these to my cousin before she went up to Byron Bay over New Years, she struggles with her beautifully bushy brows quite a lot and she finds the Wax Strips easier to control when removing fine  hairs in the area around the tail of her brows. No runny hot wax near your eyes and no fussing with application - the strips can be used repeatedly so one strip can do both brows.

Let me know your waxing tips and tricks in the comments below.

xxx Nella

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