Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotions

Wild Rose Body Lotion $33.90/100ml and Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion $36.90/200ml

Rose is a very polarizing scent you either love it or hate it (just like 50 Cent) I fortunately LOVE IT! My idea of a fun time is browsing the isles of my local health food store - I know, I am totally sad and should probably get some new hobbies. Weleda is one of my favourite organic skin care brands, and I have been recently loving the Wild Rose range paticuarly. During the heat of summer I find wearing perfume can really annoy me, it is just too over powering and distracting so I tend to wear a scented body lotion and thats it. The body lotion is amazing for lathering up your legs after shaving, it contains lots of oils and is more of a gel consistancy and rubs in like a dream perfect for quick leggy lubrication
as you are running out the door. The Pampering Body Lotion is a thick cream, and more suited for before bed application all over, letting it absorb into your skin over night so you wake up super soft and the rosey sweetly scent sends you off into dreamland. The most annoying thing with some body lotions  is when you rub them in they make these little white almost pilling crusty things on your skin - dont know what those gross things are but the Weleda body lotions don't do that.

Please let me know what your favorite rose scented products are in the comments below.

xxx Nella

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