Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Beauté Gazette LOVES Chloé Intense

Chloé Intense AU$90.00 / 50ml available from David Jones Australia wide and www.strawberry.com

Let me start by saying I am not a big perfume junky, I cannot stand a perfume which gets on your clothing and stains it with smell or a perfume that lingers on your skin and you get a woft of it throughout the day. Basically I like a subtle scent that is almost un-noticeable to myself after applying, nothing too pongy. 

Classic and pretty scents are usually what I gravitate toward always with a rose or floral undertone. Chloé Intense is a womanly grown-up scent for me not ditzy and overly sweet like I would have LOVED when I was a teenager and not heavy with dark oils which give me a headache, Chloé Intense has a happy soft simplicity about it. A well rounded clean scent without obvious top notes, with base notes of muted rose and also plenty of subtle woody-honey notes which create depth. There is the slightest amount of amber which lingers making it a lovely scent to wear at night also.

Let's talk packaging and branding because to be honest that is more than half a reason I like or purchase a fragrance, the bottle is almost everything. Chloé as a label is known for it's femininity as a brand, beautiful classic tailoring and silks of soft peach-greys and perfect nudes. The Chloé fragrance campaigns fronted by modern blonde beauty's Clemencé Posey, Chloé Sevigny and most recently Imogen Poots - perfect for a blonde like moi! The heavy classic ridged glass packaging is beautiful, perfect to display on your dresser or night stand, which is where a woman's perfume should be not tucked away in a cupboard.

Perfume should not be a polarising extreme part of your beauty routine, it should enhance your mood and be soft and subtle as to not offend anyone and not so strong it wilts flowers and gives you a headache.

What is your signature perfume? And why are you drawn to it?

xxx Nella

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