Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nails on Film.....8 hours later......

Want to teach yourself anything in life? It's 100% on YouTube. How to change a tire? How to crochet? How to fix your smashed up iPhone screen? How to do the moon walk? YouTube has you back! YouTube has wasted (constructively wasted) hours maybe even days of my life, it's like a vortex and I get sucked right in watching a girl in Portland tell you what her favorite glitter top coats are and then before you know it 4 hours have flown by and you are now watching a girl in Latvia tell you her favorite glitter top coats and its just as riveting.

Miss Jen Fabulous youTube here - Miss Jen Fabulous Blog here
Miss Jen Fabulous is super into nails, she sometimes vlogs herself in wallgreens buying nail polish and she looks like she is in a voodoo nail trance. She also knows her stuff! All her nail tutorials are super easy to follow, she kind of reminds me of a school teacher maybe that's why I was able to concentrate so hard on learning polka dotting. 
Makeup Never Sleeps YouTube here -  Makeup Never Sleeps Blog here
Rachel from Makeupneversleeps is my absolute favorite youTuber person in general, she really just gets it or maybe I really get her. She likes a pink-toned red polish on her fingers which she describes as 'crypt keeper' hands and knows the difference between a peach-pink and a pink-peach. She describes OPI's 'Pack your booty shorts' as 'The strangest purple that I have been in a while...ummm.....ahhhh it's a very childish grape purple' and that description nailed it, say no more Rachel I totally got that. 
Prepare for the youTube vortex amigos! Pack snacks and stay hydrated.

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