Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Winter Hair Care

So its finally winter, no more bare legs and skirts or just letting your hair dry naturally on your way to work - Yep its cold, its snuggle weather.
When initially starting this blog I did think to myself - probably wont write much about hair stuff because I don't do that much to my hair. That was a load of baloney! After a long summer of sun, beach, salt, maybe washing my hair once week because it looked good all beached out and gross. I am now paying the price, my hair is having a meltdown. Also I should mention I just dyed my hair from blondie to dark red after having a personality crisis stemming from a certain boy - I also pierced my ears with a second hole but that's another story.
Now I have got a handle on my mane here are my favourite winter hair care products :

1. Organic Care Shampoo and Conditioner 
This is from Woolworths its stinking cheap like $3.90 or something like that - no more than $5.00.
But its REALLY GOOD! My favourite thing about it is that its got No SLES, SLS, ALES, ALS and is free of Parabens and Prochemical cleanser.
2. Lady Jane Wide Tooth Comb
Heaps of hair dressers say that you shouldn't comb your hair when its wet - screw them. Using a wide tooth comb to get your leave in conditioner or treatments all through and well distributed is the best. The Lady Jane one is cute and has a nifty handle to hang off your tap in the shower. It was like $3.49 from Priceline.
3. La Biosthetique Conditionneur Protection Couleur
Ok bring out the big guns - this is expensive. I dont even know how much it costs because I have permanently deleted the memory of spending that much on a fancy conditioner. La Biostehtique is a salon brand, so maybe just try a treatment when you are next at a salon that uses it. This does make my hair shiney and lovely but I am looking for another alternative because I wont buy this again. But if you're really ritzy and you want to have a posh bathroom get it - fuck it get the 1500ml salon size!
4. John Frieda Sheer Mist Perfect Ends Full Repair
Any heat protecting product is a must in winter, you're not letting your hair dry naturally - and if your are - you're crazy! I am full heat blow drying the shit out of my hair within 10mins of getting out of the shower. Cold wet manky hair on my neck in winter is just gross and you will get a cold. This stuff is great, it doesn't leave any residue in my hair and makes the ends nice and silky, but I think I use too much because I have been buying a bottle every 2 weeks or so because its so good.
5. Mason Pearson Hair Brush
This has never not been in my hair care routine - since my mum was brushing my hair as wee blonde babe till now. Everyday I have used a Mason Pearson hair brush, and they are THE BEST. I've grown up and so has my brush, I now use the Boar bristle and Nylon. It really gives your scalp a good massage and all those lovely good oils get distributed through your hair when brushing.
6. Kérastase Elixir Ultime
Firstly this smells exactly the same as Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Is that enough? When that whole Moroccan oil thing started I tried it - wasn't my thing. If you have tried one of those oil type products and haven't got on well with it like it make your hair all slick and gross. Try the Elixir Ultime, it makes your hair super shiny and pageant worthy without being oily or heavy. Did I mention it smells like Tom Ford's Black Orchid? Probably the best winter scent ever.


  1. Hi Love your blog! I agree about the Organic Care shampoos and conditioners - so much nicer to use products without the nasties. I use natural henna too - it comes in different colours. I think I'll try the Kerastase Elixer Ultime too - it sounds good!


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