Friday, 8 June 2012

#1 What's in my make up purse : Bump 'n' Grind Edition

So it's almost THE FREAKN' WEEKEND. I am so excited. Tomorrow night I'm going on a Girls Night Out which will include a Mexican dinner accompanied with Tequila and Lemonades, Shots and Whiskey at The Cricketers Arms and then about 4 hours of bump'n'grindin on the dance floor at our favorite party Halfway Crooks.

Here's what is going to be in my make up bag and why:

1. Make up bag from Daiso $2.80
The thing with make up bags is that whatever the size I will fill it too the brim. Its plastic which is also important when on a Girls Night Out you never know when someone/me is going accidentally spill an entire Car Bomb into my bag leaving everything with a sticky coating. 
Side note: Daiso (the best Japanese $2.00 shop) is now in Australia - Just go, its amazing.
 Everything is $2.80!!!!!!!!!
If you like really subtle lashes - This is not the mascara for you. This mascara is really black and gives you tarantula lashes, it packs on the product. There is no smudging or running, so perfect for a 4 hour dance floor session. 
Do you want your face to be so illuminated that it catches the light from the disco ball then bounces it into the eyes of your crush? This will do it. I actually think that this may give me a little J-Lo glow in an acceptable white girl non trashy jersey shore bronzer way. 
You know when you see a girl and become captivated with her skin and you ask yourself 'Is she wearing make up? She must be because no one can look that amazing without make up on'. Chances are the babe is wearing this. Its sheer and dewy and has just enough coverage.
I'm pretty sure this is the product that the Olsen twins use, its really pretty. The consistency is quite weird -  it feels metallic and silicone like. You just need a tiny amount applied to your lids with your finger, smudge it out as best possible then go in with a blending brush - but be quick because it sets. When it sets its ON! Like not moving until you go at it with some Bioderma and a cotton pad.
6. Visine clear eyes
Give me anymore than half a drink and a dance floor and smoke machine and I will recreate Xanadu for you! One problem I think I'm very allergic to smoke machines, so Visine clear eyes really helps after I run from the dance floor to the bathroom clutching my eyes.
WOW OK WOW! This is my new favorite lipstick ever! It is an absolute a dream. (Will do a full post just on these lipsticks) When you put it on it is a balmy consistency, which makes it easy to blend out and really work into your lips with your fingers, I do this for about 3 layers building up the colour. Then by about the 4th layer you can feel it starting to set. It will last pretty much all night with a few touch ups. Its also has really pretty packaging, and lets face it when you're in the bathroom with all the girls no one wants to bring out a banged up old nasty lippy. Ewwwwww!
Its been 15years and I am still not over a Juicy Tube. This is the limited edition by Japanese artist Yayoi  Kusama. Perfect for a dance floor pash.
Ok so as a pale girl when I go for a bronzer its not going to be anything that Snooki uses. This is a cream bronzer with minimal shimmer, it blends out to very sheer and is perfect as a contour on cheeks and temples. Using such moisturizing bases with the 2 Stila products a powder bronzer would cake and when you are all up in da club the last thing you need is caking.
Oooooooff!!! This is good, so good. It's just enough sparkle to be noticed by not be over done. Apply a black base so the green glitter pops. 

Have a freakn weekend chikas!

Halfway Crooks <click> dancefloor here we come! Wooooooopppppp!

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