Tuesday, 5 June 2012

N.P.A (Nail Polish Anonymous)

N.P.A (Nail Polish Anonymous) 

'Do you have over 10 nail polishes? Do you have a variety of shades of the one colour? Are coral and salmon 2 very different shades to you? Do you know how to achieve a flawless application of your favourite polish on public transport? Have you been known to change your nail polish more than 3 times a week? Do you look at colours in general life and imagine them as the perfect colour for a nail polish? Have you been known to purge in the sacred ritual of nail art? If you have had a bad day do you find solace in the comforting buzz of a massage chair at your local nail salon? If this sounds like you and you thought you were the only one......I have great news for you! YOU'RE NOT!

Bored of sitting at home and painting your nails by yourself?
Why not come and hang out with like minded Polish-aholics and talk Top Coats, new colours, warn of fellow lovers of streaky and unworthy colours, glitter polishes, nail wraps, and way more.

Come with clean nails...and be prepared to leave with the nails of your dreams. Bring any friends you think have a secret polish purging problem too!

Bring your current favourite colours and any you would like to trade.'

This was the invitation that I created on my facebook after a lengthy thread of Instagram comments from my friend Fleur urging me to start some sort of polish possessed club.  So I did and the inaugural N.P.A was held last Wednesday at the Cricketers Arms Hotel in Surry Hills, yes we held a nail polish club at the pub! 

Lots of ground was covered 'Best top coat ever?', 'Budget or high end?' - WE LOVE BOTH, WE'RE ADDICTS! 'O.P.I collections Muppets vs Nicki Minaj', 'How far can you take nail-art in the workplace?'. 'What brand has the best consistancy' Mostly we were all so excited that there were other girls so obsessed with nail polish that they felt they needed an official forum to talk openly about glitter tips and nail wraps.

N.P.A Minutes:
-Glossy top coats are a must, matte is out. Seche Vite is our favorite.
-Fleur is the only one who has successfully conquered Nail Wraps.
-Glitter, Glitter and MORE GLITTER.  O.P.I's Rainbow connection was a favourite but we were all pleasantly surprised by the American Apparel multi glitter which was on par if not better glitter density than Rainbow Connection.
-Crackle Polish is really getting boring, was it ever cool?
-Gradient nails are everyone's favourite but no one has mastered them.

We are planning to meet up monthly, if you live in Sydney and are polish persuaded please come to the next meet up!

From left : Matisse, Fleur, Josephine, Me, Katherine, Alyssa and Ashley.

We all went a little bit insta-crazy with our nail combo's.

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